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  1. jeffV

    Answered poipole

    i cant seem to find a poipole i have been on map 13 for about two weeks and i can find one
  2. jeffV

    Unanswered exp

    what do i do to up my average experience
  3. jeffV

    Answered clans

    how do i leave a clan it says it is locked
  4. how do get on to the discord quiz
  5. if i release a Pokemon the is mega do i get to keep the mega stone
  6. grass map 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  7. then where can you find a eeveeon the old maps
  8. can you still find legendary pokemon on the old map and where can you find a type null zamazenta and zacianif you can find them there
  9. jeffV

    Answered zacian

    is zacian found in the wateror is it on both water and land
  10. how do i know if a have an alolan ribbon and do i need it to catch a type-null
  11. where can i find a Zamazentain pokemon vortex
  12. jeffV

    Answered meowth

    where can i find a meowthnot from the alolan region sorry to ask so many questions about where to find pokemon
  13. where can you find a type null on the live maps now
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