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  1. jeffV

    Answered anciant

    how can i get ancient pokemon
  2. jeffV

    Answered pokemon

    how can i get a pink Pokemon is it deiring orange islands sidequest
  3. jeffV

    Answered furfou

    how can i get a furfou heart
  4. than what is the rarest starter pokemon
  5. what is the most common ultra beast and what is the rarest one
  6. can you maybe add quests to the game and the ability to battle other people when you encounter them have to battle team rocket every now and then to up xp
  7. jeffV

    Answered poipole

    i cant seem to find a poipole i have been on map 13 for about two weeks and i can find one
  8. jeffV

    Answered exp

    what do i do to up my average experience
  9. jeffV

    Answered clans

    how do i leave a clan it says it is locked
  10. how do get on to the discord quiz
  11. if i release a Pokemon the is mega do i get to keep the mega stone
  12. grass map 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  13. then where can you find a eeveeon the old maps
  14. can you still find legendary pokemon on the old map and where can you find a type null zamazenta and zacianif you can find them there
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