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  1. So i started the game on july 10th and i have been constantly looking for legendaries around 1 week now. I couldnt encounter any legendary. 2 days ago i started my cousin to the game and he couldnt find any too.and around 2 dys ago i got a message from another user saying : i started game 5 or 6 days ago and i couldnt find any legendaries how did you get zekrom(i got it from daily login). Aleo i read some other posts at this forum that goes "i cant find any legendaries" they are all replied you are just unlucky. Legendary pokemon finding chance per encounter is %0,167 and im thinking i at least encountered 3000 pokemon by now and if you do the math i should have encounter about 3 legendaries by now but not once and i am not the only one. So i am thinking there is some bug with newly created accounts because every one i saw said i just started the game but other players kept catching legendaries. (Note: me my cousin and the other guy all compleated gyms and got the bandages)
  2. Yeah i did and checked multiple times it just seems unlikely
  3. So i beat all gym leaders and unlocked all regions legendaries but i have been searching almost a week now and i cant find any legendaries. I've been searching for 8 hours minimum. So am i really unlucky or do i do something wrong ?
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