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  1. I am not dead yet


  2. I don’t really understand what you are talking about but I’ll assume that it is about the tournament so the lucky Pokémon you generated is Spectrier!
  3. I was thinking about what if vortex had tournaments that you could join in(I’ll put that into the suggestion box), so why not every month someone can hold up a Tournamant on Showdown for everyone, but this is the current Tournament I’ll be holding, Generated Pokémon Competition Rules: format: National Dex AG Number of players:10 When signing up, I’ll generate a random Pokémon when I’m active and you must use that Pokémon, the rest of your team is up to you. Please post replays as a new answer prize: If you want to make a Tournament, please read the rules below: - Format must be included - Number of players should be included - Save Replays - Post your IGN, share your ideas below - Prize must be given - The tournament should have a Prize - Tournament should have a name - All ideas should be labeled under “Tournament Idea” If you want to host a Tournament, please read the rules below: Hosting means you are the user that started the Contest page where people can sign up - All details of the tournament must be included - Remember to ask the volunteers to post their vortex and Showdown ign - The title of the thread should be: <the user with the idea>’s <name of tournament> Showdown tournament I hope this is allowed, if not, then just sign up for the regular Generated Competition.
  4. I can’t hand all of them at once, for my browser, I can only hand one species of Pokémon, but I’ll try
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