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  1. We have to create our teams, right? is this challenge cup 1v1 or 1v1? Is five minutes up?
  2. I got a Varient Ho-Oh which makes three Please tell me what you are going to trade me for finding these:
  3. No, just the regular one, this notifications are just updates
  4. I have a question, which format? Can we go leave this tournament? I just have the worst luck in Random Battles but my strategy is good Never Mind, if this tournament starts too late I’ll be offline EDIT: The format is 1v1 right?
  5. So far there is the two uniques I mentioned, and Articuno
  6. If the tournament is still open, IGN: DellTheTrainer Showdown: PKMDell Dellthetrainer PKHex2
  7. Everyday one person will be picked as a winner! Only on weekends, today’s randomized winner is 9876ash! The randomized prize is a *Drumroll* Lord Helix! And...... Grookey! But there is one more prize... (cause the program said to give the lucky winner three Pokémons) Dark Butterfree! Please claim your prize by trading anything for this, type DellTheTrainer and you will see my profile page, tap it then go to the view trades section and find the Pokémons.
  8. I happened to hunt some of the varients like Dark Mew and Metallic Genesect so after I get at least five I’ll give you the varients too.
  9. I’ll assume is the Normal Arceus as the rest are gotten from events, and whaat Pokémon would you offer it for? Since Arceus can only be found at night, I can only find it three hours of the whole week, so I’m accepting two job offers now
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