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  1. Ign: Dark-Entei Thanks for the giveaway Good luck
  2. You can see them in the friends list it is at the top left corner when you open the MEMBERS Side bar
  3. So I choose shiny horsea, shiny blipbug, shiny oricorio Pau, shadow vigroth and shadow espurr,shadow ninetales,shadow fletching, shiny aipom and shiny tangela for kyurem. It is already in my trades you can offer these pokemons.
  4. It will be transferred to your account when the auction is over with 10% tax cut after auction is over. You never know until last second someone might even bid more PDS.
  5. You want kyurem? If yes, I will select 4 more uniques
  6. So, Can I have shiny horsea, shiny blipbug, shiny oricorio Pau, shadow vigroth and shadow espurr for mudkip?
  7. How many uniques of my choice for a normal legendary? For normal rare or for unique legendary
  8. Are you going to accept my offer on shiny oshowatt or not? What do you want for dark riolu
  9. I think you are probably right because I checked his auctions and saw he was taking money from many inactive accounts and he has 0 win. Calling this a hack I am not sure is right, he probably checked every account and guessed their passwords. What password did you have before? Was it something related to you ign if so matters would be much clear. He has many exp Pokemons and events in auction. I don't know what to make of it please look into this matter @Patrick and @flamescape because the ones I checked weren't his ot and were event caught. He has 0 wins and registered on 4th Jan. Many people
  10. Ign:Dark-Entei Thanks for the giveaway
  11. Thanks, there's an axew in my trade can offer there please
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