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  1. I want all the unique starters. What do you want for them?
  2. I don't have much problem with the time you need to train it as I am not in a hurry. We can start as soon as you are ready.
  3. Can you train my to 1 mil exp exact? I will pay you by 2 mil pds.
  4. Yes I remember that auction, I put it on watch but forgot about it. The start price was 25,000 if I am correctly remembering
  5. I have all my duplicate uniques in my trades you can tell what you want and I will select the same number of uniques from your trades.
  6. This is not a bug, this happens if you click the Pokémon vortex status button at the bottom of your screen
  7. If you are right I am too lucky because I won the auction in a single bid EDIT: @SAMUEL.D.S I saw that I have bought a normal kartana for 910,000 and just saw there were 2 metallic kartana selling for 2.5 mil and 2.2 mil, you sure you don't want to change your price?
  8. I am interested in that I have a lot of duplicate uniques, I don't know what you are missing but I can give you a list of what I have and can give.
  9. It's overpriced I bought a shadow kartana for 2m a week ago. Can you change your price and I might buy it?
  10. Lamento decir eso, pero los mapas antiguos están retirados.
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