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  1. I thought about it if I should give prizes out Because i didn't do it on the 15th like I said because others ruined it but I'll give people another chance I'll give some prizes tomorrow the give away will last until well next year 

    Ps I think it strange that my soccer uniform is number 15 and the day the give away start was on the 15th

    1. shoomania


      ''Ps I think it strange that my soccer uniform is number 15 and the day the give away start was on the 15th''

      'conspiracy music starts'


      so that means you'll keep on giving away the prizes till next year?


      there will be many more giveaways lasting till next year?

  2. whos the person you look up to here on the forums i look up to cap and dades

  3. personal just playing super mario and listing to this 

    is just the best feeling ever instead of listing to your boring teachers


    1. jamorant


      you watch black cover my guy

    2. red_wolf_
  4. Anyone know what piggy and jailbreak is

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    2. Pokomaster29


      I mean I play and can you both tell your username in roblox plz mine is dupermatru

    3. Pokomaster29


      Oh sorry for the double reply it's becoz of network issue

    4. Punz


      I don’t like roblox anymore

  5. mine is they all have attacks that can do up too 500 damage
  6. Man that's a col profile photo right there

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    2. Captaincam1


      Maybe it means "Know right" Sorta like saying I know right

    3. red_wolf_
    4. shoomania
  7. No I think you can finish the dex without cash
  8. i got a shadow zeraora what do you offer for it
  9. Hey red I am looking for premium so I want to ask any premium for trade except rotoms I am srry if its irritating 

    1. Sneezeball


      i have a lot of premium bro

    2. shoomania


      whats your ign? is it sneezeball itself? if so, it shows that you're from croatia and the leader of Bogci i Pederi and i dont think that would be you so... answer first question

  10. What minecraft mob did you vote for i voted for the copper golem

    1. Punz


      I voted for allay 

    2. shoomania


      what voting

      there was a voting session for a new mob? when? did it finish? if not please send me the link. which were all the candidates/mobs that we could vote for?

    3. HyperPanther


      i voted for ‘remove minecraft cuz its ****’ option :)

  11. can a be a guy with a girl as my pfp idk some people dont think its ok

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    2. red_wolf_
    3. Dqrk


      Your pfp

    4. red_wolf_


      oh no its a pic of red that cap told me to put

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