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  1. Hi! I'm giving away my Mega Blazikien! (Its nearly 100 CP if that matters :P) Anyways, 257is soooo strong. I would like a few Pokemon, you'll have a better chance at getting it, but any Pokemon works! :) OK so heres the 'better chance Pokemon': 151, 493, 250,SHINY (possibly Mega) Gyrados 130, or BIGGEST CHANCE ONE GUYS: Mega Mewtwo 150 (Mega Mewtwo Y preferred)!!!!

    OK if this gets posted on (Universal trading shines, thingy etc. Sorry I HAVE NO IDEA how to post correctly lol OK reply if you have an offer. (Also if you want, i'll give you my Igglybuff thats so weak but you prob don't want that either...ok thats it :)



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      SORY This thing is closed temporairly

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  2. I would like Mew or any Ho-Oh. In return, you'll get Mega Blazikein, and all my pokemon that i ever caught (including some other cool stuff thats gonna be a suprise!
  3. Interested in challenging a future Gym Leader? You're in luck! Type in my username on the battle section (USERS COMPUTER GENERATED).


    Have fun!





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