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  1. Halloween event??

  2. daarkrown is a fake pokemon pls and thats all ik
  3. Eevee evolution needs duel types here There needs to be a special vortex legendary
  4. Ok so if we can get sprites for new eevee types and eevee duel types and mega for eevees but mostly for sylveon it would be fun we can have this item they hold and it turns them into another type like Duel Dark and it can only be held by eevee like use the item on the eevee evolution and it becomes the other type and it mixes with that type of eevee also a dragon eevee also can we have a vortex type that would be cool it would look likes in a black whole outer space pokemon and they can only be found in vortex cities with 2 percent encounter rate. The Vortex legendary would be very cool and its a 0.1 percent chance find i know these might not happen but i can help with the sprites its not pokemon vortex with out a vortex legendary on the main page you might thinks its darkrown but they just a female dark rai we need something that look like a pokemon ffrom a black hole if you know what i mean. Sorry for the run on sentences.... # SYlveon best if you disagree i will have full sylveon team and you will battle it
  5. u saw me in your dreams

    1. shoomania


      no, i remember u. from somewhere, whenever i saw your name i would scream it like really loud for no reason, cuz its... whats the word? catchy, i think

      thats where i remember you from

    2. Aye-o-a-Sylveon


      maybe pokemon online the fan game

    3. shoomania
  6. i left to play pokemonpets

    1. inteleon


      i play it too but i haven't logged in for a long time

      my ign in that game is: tapubulu

    2. Aye-o-a-Sylveon


      omg i saw u in game

  7. whats is this psw thing near my user

  8. Over confidence is a flimsy shield so for yall boys never be over confident cuz you will never get a girl unless she desperate if ypu over confident 

    1. red_wolf_


      Ok cool

    2. dades


      I don’t have them balls 😔

  9. hey long time no see

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