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  1. Thanks! I'm going for all the variants as well. It's taken me 6 days to complete about 95% of Scorched Sanctum. The grind is what makes it fun and the feeling of finally grabbing that last variant is fun. Moltres (Mystic, Metallic, and Shiny) manages to escape me while I run into all sorts of Groudons endlessly lmao
  2. Hey guys, I remember playing this game 10 years ago and I recently came across this while looking to get rid of that Pokemon itch. I was playing PokeMMO at the meantime but remembered about this one randomly. I couldn't believe it was still here and kicking hard and kudos to the developers for working so passionately on a game for so long now. Anyways, I also grew up playing OSRS and loved this certain swamp man (Swampletics), and wanted to implement some type of restrictions for myself as well to keep it fun and challenging. The challenge is; Finish the entirety of t
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