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  1. https://i.imgur.com/wTIOMJf.png Showing Shiny Sandaconda for pokes that aren't shiny sandaconda.
  2. Landorous (Therian) pls. Yeah, you can give the eevees or buy the poke for around 4 mil pokedollars, ok with either one,
  3. I’m interested in just a normal one, thanks. What variant?
  4. Sorry, don’t have that. Do u have any event Pokémon? Offered.
  5. I believe that is an Arceus (Electric), so sure. Sorry, I don’t have meltan or melmetal.
  6. Trading/Selling these Pokes: x3 x4 x1 x1x4x1x3x1x9x7x1x3x3x1x1x2x1x1x2x1x2x4x3x1x3x7x8 x1x1x2x1x1x1x1x8x1x1x1x1 x1x4x2x2x3x1x4x2 If you would like to buy any of these pokemon, DM me in game, ign MasterPlay45, we can discuss prices. Looking For:(any variant, any amount) TRADE THREAD CLOSED
  7. I'm interested in Shiny Eevee and Rotom (Wash), check my trade thread below for what u want, if none, check account.
  8. IGN MasterPlay45 Favorite pokemon game: Pokemon Legends: Arceus Thanks for the giveaway!
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