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Idea Some ideas for Vortex

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I have some ideas for PV that would make it easier for people who try to complete a living dex and overall improve the 


1) Give "Change team" the option to order Pokemon numerically rather than by uniqueness. 


2) In a wild battle, show a pop up box that visualizes which form / evolution you already have from it. Similarly to how it bolds owned pokemon. Could be as easy as this next to the Pokemon name. Or even a dropdown box.


3) Add a Sooth Bell to the store which increases friendship level by 1 heart. Would make the tediously long grinding progress of friendship evolutions a lot easier and adds more to the economy.


Will probably come up with more as time progresses

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Hmm, how about the prospect of finding items while map searching. Example searching the cave maps and finding a red orb or the water in the cave maps  and finding a blue orb would be really cool, of course the chances of finding them should be lower than Ultra Beasts, just to keep the auctions going. 

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