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  1. See, here's the reason I'd like the sidequests prizes to change or alter. I've reset twice and the best thing I've won is 50x master balls. That sucks, considering the wide array of prizes available. Imagine both times doing sidequests and winning just 1 beast ball each time. It hurts. that 1x can atleast be changed to a 3x or 5x. Come on admins, besides me, take into consideration the players who cannot afford mbs or buy things from the store and give them a chance to actually feel that their time was spent and they actually can win something of value. I did SQ basically for general EXP and got upset as I've won nothing worth my time. Please, I've been playing since V3 and it's a great game, Vortex, but if possible, alter the prizes for sidequests. Thank you.
  2. I feel some of the Sidequest regions prizes should be altered a bit. It's difficult to complete sidequests and it hurts even more when you don't see a deserving prize as your award. Imagine completing the very painful Hoenn region just to win 45k and a Latiasite. Not very encouraging.
  3. Hmm, how about the prospect of finding items while map searching. Example searching the cave maps and finding a red orb or the water in the cave maps and finding a blue orb would be really cool, of course the chances of finding them should be lower than Ultra Beasts, just to keep the auctions going.
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