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Personally I feel like the current trading system would be better if it allowed players to request multiple Pokemon from another user's trades when sending trades as well as offering them. Being able to search for Pokemon to offer would also be easier than scrolling through your whole box to find the ones you're looking for (ctrl + f doesn't work on mobile and would also count more results if the other user has the same Pokemon in their trades too). Maybe it could look a little like this? Pokemon_Vortex_Trade_Idea.png

I also made a post on reintroducing ancient Pokemon as a variant which is much harder to obtain however is not included in the Pokedex (Pokemon which will not return to the game in future events or MBs after their initial release), which will bring back a big part of trading and the goal of obtaining the rarest Pokemon. You can see that post here: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/16271-ancient-pokémon/

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