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I actually have 2 BUGS??!!

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I am not gonna tell you any story just getting on the point! So yesterday I was browsing my friends list, there I didnt saw one of my friend hardieboi, Now I asked him that did he remove me from friends list? So he said no! I didn't then I went on online member's list and searched Hardieboi Then I clicked on his icon when his acc appeared then again clicked on ADD FRIEND but it showed you are friends already! So I have checked my friend list again clearly and patiently but Hardieboi's name was not there! This is the first bug

2. In the chat I was talking to Neeraj13saaho for trade but my messages werent able to reach to him. When I messaged like Hello it disappears, Then I messaged When are we gonna trade? It poped up for a while and disappeared again, and he wasnt replying to me at all but neeraj is my good friend and always replies to me on every message also he was online too! Please help and try to fix this 😔😞

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