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  1. I would like to have a Dark Reshiram pls
  2. Just go on change attacks and search dragon ascent and select it then change it with any attack you want then you will be able to evolve it hope this helps
  3. Ugh any other offer? Or else I am ready with the zacian
  4. Between 1.5 to 2 mill pds I think You should give 1.8mill pds is it okay?
  5. Selling Promo code which will get expired at 24 april tell your offers if you want it
  6. IGN- V7xyz cant wait for prizes and results
  7. Hmm give me a 1 day time I'll reply soon
  8. Lol its under development my friend The change will take place in 2 or 3 days dont worry I am also not able to see my rankings so just focus in seasonals the change will be added soon
  9. I have a Whats your offer I dont want a I already have that
  10. I am happy bout the changes which will be rolled upto seasonals But I have some questions to ask 1.Will seasonals get hard like I caught 20 uniques and done 32 battles it should be sufficient to enter at 99th place as current status but I didn't, So did it got harder as every player who ranked in seasonals will get the V currency and will be able to buy a Galar Bird?
  11. Alright reported you mr ffehho @Patrick he changed his profile pic while ago you can see it below as it gave a notification and also this guy had nudity in profile pic and a inappropriate content in community thread pls take some action proof is given by many players!


  12. IGN-V7xyz Thanks very much for the giveaway :)
  13. Haré mi mejor esfuerzo para conseguir una!
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