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  1. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Kanto_Legendary_Ribbon
  2. No, it's not a "glitch or error". It explains exactly what is happening in the message you copy and pasted; The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Clan forums are not currently available, more specifically, for regular users accounts.
  3. That's the anniversary of v3, not the whole game.
  4. You enabled legacy maps in the options side tab. Disable it and you'll be back to the new map system.
  5. Can you re-upload your screenshot please? It appears to have been deleted. Thank you
  6. Do you understand how the lottery works? Them participating does not affect your chance of winning.
  7. No one can say when they're coming out as there has not yet been an official announcement for their release. And yes, all Gigantamax forms will be coming.
  8. You need to do the orange island gyms as well, they're bundled in with the requirements for Kanto legendaries.
  9. Your Pokémon haven't disappeared, they appear to be traded to the account akreba.
  10. This is the result of a bug recently fixed that caused unique Pokemon to be miscalculated. You haven't lost or gained any Pokemon.
  11. Sorry but if you don't know the password to an account and no longer have access to the email address it was created with then there would be no way to prove you own the account and we would not be able to grant access to it for you.
  12. Changes to Seasons Starting Sep' 2020 Starting September 2020 the following changes will be made to seasons: Promo codes redeemed will no longer contribute to users seasonal points. Season end results will be logged which will later on be accessible to browse through in an archive of previous seasons.
  13. Okay, well, there's a few things you need to know about the legacy maps that are very important. 1) The legacy maps are no longer receiving development support. (If there's a bug, it will not be fixed) 2) The legacy maps do not have the new generation 8 Pokémon. 3) New accounts (accounts that were created after the release date of v5) cannot enable legacy maps.
  14. Yes, I gathered that from the fact you're trying to turn legacy maps on but I mean why? Are you having trouble with the new map system? If so, what is the problem?
  15. Hi, welcome to Pokémon Vortex (if you're new) First, can I ask why you want to enable legacy maps?
  16. It sounds like you have enabled the legacy maps option, this will take you back to the map system used on v4 and previous versions. To turn this off, go to your options tab on the left of any inner-game page and disable "Legacy Maps"
  17. The option to show/hide other players on the legacy maps was removed from v5. I wouldn't worry about it though, you're not missing anything there, no one is using the legacy maps so enabling it would have the same effect as disabling it - you won't see anyone either way.
  18. This is intentional, yes. It's just a general Pokedex entry used for checking types, attacks, gender ratio etc. Only player owned Pokémon will show their variant when looking at it in the Pokédex as this is a specific Pokédex entry rather than a general entry.
  19. You also need to do the Orange Island gyms, they are part of the Kanto Ribbon requirements.
  20. The Galar gyms can only be found on the new maps. They are not available through the legacy maps.
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