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  1. The game has maintained a steady player base for over 11 years. A few people leaving here and there doesn't mean anything, they're a handful of thousands. People have always left, like with any game (Who plays the same game forever? No one) and those who leave are replaced with new players, it's just how things go. It does not, by any means, mean that the game "is about to die" so please stop talking nonsense based on zero evidence. To the point of the topic - it's posted in the wrong section. If you have ideas, then post them in the ideas section. To those who tagged me to drag me here - that's not how you get something noticed, it just makes it more likely to get ignored.
  2. Delta Pokémon are actually from the Official Pokémon TCG. It was planned many many years ago to have a sidequest region in Vortex based on them but the idea was scrapped.
  3. Ok? This has nothing to do with vortex, it’s an external site made by someone else, ask them about it. This Q&A section is for asking questions about the game.
  4. You need to do the Orange Island gyms as well for the Kanto ribbon.
  5. How is this information helpful to you?
  6. Ask Auke1993 said, they're accounts that previously (v3) had donated money to the game before the store existed. The reason so few exist is because it was a limited time thing and is no longer available. @SofiX if you don't know the answer to a question, please do not reply with theories, everything you said was wrong.
  7. As SofiX said, it's permission to personalise the advertisements you see on the top and side of the game as you play. It is managed by Google and is required by us to ask you so the website is in compliance with GDPR laws. You should only see it once through your entire session (on each device) and you will see it again if your browser is cleared of cache/cookies. It's nothing to worry about but if you want to know more, click the GDPR link in this post and/or Google "personalised advertising".
  8. Please read the FAQ before opening a question topic to see if your question has already been answered numerous times.
  9. Sorry but this isn’t the place to post disputes and clan drama. Sort it out between yourselves.
  10. Come and talk to me about it on Discord if you're able to.
  11. You have it offered in a trade for a Zapdos (Galarian)
  12. Thunder Punch is a base attack of Charizard (Mega X) so you need to have chose to replace your Charizard's attacks with the evolution attacks when mega evolving it. You cannot teach it Thunder Punch after.
  13. For store issues, we have a dedicated support system: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/support/ However, when it comes to payments not going through, it's very unlikely to be something we can help with, we don't get told much of why a transaction fails/gets refused, it's something you would need to discuss with PayPal or your card issuer.
  14. It is not a bug, it was purposely designed this way and this method of collecting/completing a Pokedex is called a "Living Dex". Ref: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Living_Pokédex
  15. As stated in the FAQ you should have read before posting, these kind of questions are not allowed. Q - How much is this worth? A - Values are never set in stone and are constantly changing with the Vortex economy which means any answer is likely a personal opinion or will be outdated soon. As a result of this, we do not allow questions about values of anything here. You can use our Discord server to get recent sale figures of items and Pokémon.
  16. You cannot change the email address of your game accounts at the moment, you're stuck with the email address you registered the account under. In the future, you will be able to change it (providing you have access to the account)
  17. Yes, it was an addition while the forums were down for maintenance. It's similar to the previous ranking system that only applied to how many posts you had except now there's more factors to it that contributes to your rank making a total of 14 ranks. Posting, reputation, accepted answers on questions, upvoted questions and more are what is taken into consideration to determine your rank.
  18. They evolved it within seconds of catching it causing it to appear there as its evolved form. It's not a bug, just timing.
  19. There's only one account registered with that email address @ElJameso and it appears to have never been played on. The username is CHAOS-_-J
  20. This has been asked and answered multiple times:
  21. This is not a bug, you are pressing the service status link in the footer of the site: If you press the arrow pointing down all the way on the right, it will collapse the footer and this will stop happening to you.
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