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  1. Patrick

    Into The Unown

    Details TBA Date is an unconfirmed placeholder
  2. Patrick

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary

    The time has come! It's been a very long journey but the time has flown by and in the blink of an eye; Pokémon Vortex is 10 years old!! So what can we do to honor this? Well first let's start it off by thanking everyone who played, is playing and will play Pokémon Vortex, you're the heart of the game and the reason it continues to run through the years so thank you to each and every one of you, you're the bestestest But you don't just want some lame old thank you note, do you? Of course not! SO, we're going to give you 10 whole months of various celebrations! Varying from events, giveaways, exclusive auctions and game downgrades updates! You won't want to miss a single day of Pokémon Vortex this year because there will always be something going on, so clear your calendars, trainers! Of course, we're not just going to tell you everything planned but here's a few things you can look forward to over the next 10 months starting February 14th: (Be sure to keep checking back for updates on what's to come over the months - All dates and times are GMT) February Feb 14th 00:00 to 23:59 - Hourly Furfrou (Heart) promo code exclusive auctions will be listed Feb 15th 00:00 to Feb 18th 23:59 - Pokémon nickname requests will be FREE! Feb 19th to March 5th - Into The Unown special event March ??? April ??? May ??? June ??? July ??? August ??? September ??? October ??? November ???
  3. Patrick

    Answered Deoxys event?

  4. Patrick

    Resolved Wild Pokémon

    @dashedcarThis is because you're not completing your previous wild encounter. When you catch a Pokémon, you need to go right to the last screen where you have the options; "Return to map", "Put Up for Auction" etc. Do not quit the battle just because the dialogue box says "You caught ???" this is not the end of the battle and you will be shown the end on your next encounter.
  5. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  6. Patrick

    Unanswered To Admin - Recovery of Old Account

    What do you mean the forgot password option "doesn't work"? I just tried it and it works fine. Are you not getting the email? Do you not remember the email address registered to the account? Please be a bit more specific.
  7. Patrick

    Resolved Discord Login

    You need to speak to Discord about it or check their self-help section in the link I just posted.
  8. Patrick

    Resolved Discord Login

    We do not have any influence over Discord, they have their own support system: https://pkvrtx.com/Discord-Help
  9. Patrick

    Into The Unown


    All that's available on Meltan is from Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let's Go which has been available for much longer than last week. We still don't know how Meltan will evolve in the main series without the Pokémon Go candy system. Anyway, my point was I just wanted to hear a more detailed theory, it just makes things more interesting. "I think it's Meltan because of this - ..." is far more interesting than just "I think it's Meltan" so I wanted you to expand on your point.
  10. Patrick

    Into The Unown


    @porymon What does Unown have to do with Meltan? I'm not saying it's not a Meltan event, I'm just curious why you've jumped to that conclusion based on nothing but an event title and the fact that some Meltan information has been available for months.
  11. Patrick

    Answered Alolan pokemon

    You need to be in the Alola region of Sidequests.
  12. Patrick

    Resolved Clan icon

    Follow this guide step by step: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Getting_Your_Forum_Clan_ID
  13. Patrick

    Fixed Core enforcer bug

  14. Patrick

    Resolved Too quick auction bid

    It was intentionally made this way.
  15. Some fun facts about the Christmas Hatchathon event:

    • 170,845 eggs were obtained
    • 130,476 eggs were hatched
    • 8,371 hatches were Christmas edition event Pokémon
    • 698 Pikachu (Christmas)'s were evolved on Christmas day
    • 1,316 Regice avatars were unlocked
    • 1,294 Regirock avatars were unlocked
    • 1,713 Registeel avatars were unlocked
    • 24 Regigigas avatars were unlocked
    • 184 Delibird avatar auctions were created


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    2. adrsh2146


      @misty_lax the event for regigigas is still going on. You'll find it in 12 hr eggs.

    3. misty_lax


      Oh fudge I dont have any eggs left

    4. faruq2002


      i got a christmas pichu but is it worth evolving to its full final stage?


  16. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon

    Merry Christmas, everyone! and welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's special events! This event requires you to collect and hatch eggs into undetermined Pokémon of all variants. You can obtain eggs from the daily login rewards or buy them from other players on PokéBay There are four different kinds of eggs that differ in time length to hatch, some eggs will hatch in as little as 30 minutes while some eggs will take a long 24 hours! The longer your egg takes to hatch, the better the Pokémon will be that hatches from it. There is a rumour that some Pokémon that hatch will have a special holiday theme to them - even ones that are supposedly no longer obtainable. The following perks will also be available: Double Happiness from wild battles and trainer battles (Ends December 31st) Diglett (Christmas) will be able to evolve into Dugtrio (Christmas) (Ends December 31st) Pichu (Christmas) will be able to evolve into Pikachu (Christmas) with level 3 Happiness (Ends January 7th) Egg drops from the daily login rewards will start on December 1st and stop on December 31st The Event Center for hatching will open on December 5th and close on January 7th (This is also where you will be able to list your eggs on PokéBay) Please remember: You will no longer be able to hatch eggs after January 7th so waste no time hatching any you obtain! What will you hatch?! Christmas Hatchathon Event FAQ Q - How many eggs can my account hold unhatched? A - As many as you like. You can store your daily login rewarded eggs along with PokéBay purchases until you're ready to hatch them. Q - Why does the hatching run until January 7th but egg drops only run until December 31st? A - This is so people have time to hatch eggs bought from auctions that are currently running when the egg drops are over. Q - Can I get more than one egg from daily login rewards? A - You can get one every day until December 31st. Q - I can't see my egg in the Event Center - Where is it? A - Make sure your daily login reward was actually claimed on the account you are on. If you have multiple accounts, it's likely that your egg is one of your other accounts as only 1 daily login reward is given per person, not 1 per account. Q - My egg was due to hatch but I don't see it - Where is it? A - It likely already hatched. You can see your previously hatched eggs in a list on the Event Center page. Q - Can I hatch more than one egg at a time? A - Yes but you must hatch eggs to unlock more incubating slots. Hatching many 30min eggs would be the best for method for this. Q - Do I have to be actively playing for the egg to hatch? A - No, you can leave an egg hatching and come back whenever you're ready to check on it. The time taken to hatch is not influenced by anything.
  17. Patrick

    Answered Remove exp

    That’s not something we do, sorry.
  18. Patrick

    Answered I'm planning to buy bluetooth keyboard

    That would work fine and is allowed.
  19. 025ChChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!026C

    Evolve your Pikachu (Christmas) into the previously unreleased Raichu (Christmas) with a Thunder Stone starting December 25th 00:00 GMT.

    This evolution is time limited and will end on December 26th 00:00 GMT so don't miss out!

    This is the final update for the Christmas Hatchathon event. We hope you've enjoyed it and we'll see you in 2019

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    1. eurstin


      And ofc I missed it D:

  20. Patrick

    Answered Clan

    At the top of every page, there is a "Requests" number: Click that to see your friend and clan requests.
  21. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Clan battle egg drops have now come to an end but, we've discovered a new way for you to earn eggs along with your daily login rewards!

    Until December 31st you will be able to pick up eggs of all 4 types from releasing Pokémon!

    Note: All egg drops (including daily login rewards) end on December 31st. You will be able to hatch eggs until January 7th.

    Happy Hunting, everyone!

  22. Patrick

    Bug Interesting Auction Mechanics

    No... upload it to imgur and just paste the link here instead.
  23. Patrick

    Bug Interesting Auction Mechanics

    Can you fix the picture attachment please? It isn't visible. @ethernity81
  24. Patrick

    Resolved clan request

    Either your clan is full or the person you're trying to accept is already in a clan since sending the request to join yours so they can no longer join yours.
  25. Patrick

    Answered Banned - Dont Know Why

    Your account was using a bot to play the game which is against the rules. If you don't know the answer to a question then don't reply to it please.