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  1. "Catching them all" is 6,384 Pokémon. 700 pages is over 10,000 Pokémon. The short answer is, yes, you have too many Pokémon.
  2. Why do you have 700 pages of Pokémon?...
  3. Why would you need “minutes”? To verify by phone, it just sends a 6 digit number in a text message to your phone and you input that number into Discord and you’re done. It’s a one-time thing and is free.
  4. You need to be on or completed the Alolan sidequests. If you reset the progress back to Kanto then you will need to get back to Alola to be able to evolve certain Pokémon to their Alolan evolutions again.
  5. You've already claimed it, that's why. It looks like you got the lowest possible prize, unfortunately which is 1x Beast Ball.
  6. Pokémon don’t evolve automatically, you need to do it yourself by pressing the + option when viewing your team or list of all Pokémon.
  7. Hi, sorry for such a long wait, it seems your question was swept back in a sea of already answered questions. Anyway, you have two accounts registered with that email address, they are: JonTargaryrem westy19
  8. Just click the option to nickname the Pokémon again and instead of submitting a nickname - Press the black "Reset" option.
  9. Sorry, I don't understand what you're asking. You want to change the email address that is associated with a game account?
  10. A clan is classed as "active" on the forums when any number of actions are performed within the clan such as: Someone joining Someone leaving A thread being created A thread being replied to The clan was just created There is only one benefit to a clan being on the recently active list and that is it's simply more visible and accessible to someone looking to join a clan so they're more likely to join that clan as it requires less searching.
  11. Patrick

    Answered Dark mode

    A dark theme has been suggested many times. It has not yet been 100% accepted as a coming feature but it is on the short list.
  12. Unfortunately that's not something that's available. Pokémon Vortex is not a battle simulator so it has it's own specific move sets, some attacks are not available at all while others don't do exactly what they would in the main series GB/DS/Switch games. However, for info on attacks, Pokémon and various other in-game mechanics, you can refer to our Wiki. It is community run/updated so some things are incomplete and some things may be outdated or wrong so feel free to contribute to it yourself if you see anything you know but is missing (and if you have time of course). https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Home
  13. 836. Not all of them are currently obtainable and are reserved for future rewards for things like achievements and events.
  14. The person you're trying to accept into the clan, click their name to open their profile and see if they're already in a clan. Let me know.
  15. Do you mean in the game or here on the forums?
  16. https://pkvrtx.com/Pkmn-Locations
  17. Patrick

    Ayuda Ayuda

    Utiliza su propia zona horaria que configuró cuando registró su cuenta. Si su cuenta se registró antes de 2018, deberá establecer su zona horaria en la pestaña de opciones a la izquierda cuando inicie sesión. Solo puede configurarlo una vez, así que elija el correcto.
  18. Kit_Kat_ BippityBoop BippityBoop2
  19. They're reserved spots for events and currently cannot be obtained.
  20. You need to fill your team first. If you're still having issues after that, log out and back in. It's a known bug on the list to be fixed with a future update.
  21. It's used to connect a game account to a Discord account on our Discord server
  22. alawi4000@gmail.com: k3n_kaneki alawi40 bl4cksliver@gmail.com: No registered accounts
  23. You're mistaken on how points work, there is no set amount per action, it's a math formula built of many factors based on your specific account like total experience, average experience, battle count, unique Pokemon and total Pokemon.
  24. It should be instantly but if you're having it delivered to a gmail address, there are known issues. If you've ordered one and not received it, you can open a store support request
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