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    Alolan Pokemon haritalarda bulunabilir ve Alola'da yan istekleriniz olduğunda evrim geçirebilirsiniz. (Kötü çeviri için özür dilerim.)
  2. Patrick

    Answered Prize

    A full list of what can be hatched from eggs has not been given out and is not going to be given out. The main prize that is a new addition that you're supposed to be aiming for is Pichu (Christmas) in it's 6 variants: If you aim to be in the top 5 egg hatchers there are also extra rewards which you can see on the leaderboard in the event center. These rewards comprise of large amounts of money and Mystery Boxes. The higher up you place, the more you get.
  3. Patrick

    Answered Pichu(christmas)

    You hatch it from eggs in the current Christmas event.
  4. Patrick

    Answered Clan Specs

    3 Co-Leaders, 10 Elitists.
  5. Patrick

    Resolved Accuracy problems.

    You’re using attacks that have low accuracy and are getting some bad luck, there’s no problem with the accuracy of attacks.
  6. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon

    Merry Christmas, everyone! and welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's special events! This event requires you to collect and hatch eggs into undetermined Pokémon of all variants. You can obtain eggs from the daily login rewards or buy them from other players on PokéBay There are four different kinds of eggs that differ in time length to hatch, some eggs will hatch in as little as 30 minutes while some eggs will take a long 24 hours! The longer your egg takes to hatch, the better the Pokémon will be that hatches from it. There is a rumour that some Pokémon that hatch will have a special holiday theme to them - even ones that are supposedly no longer obtainable. The following perks will also be available: Double Happiness from wild battles and trainer battles (Ends December 31st) Diglett (Christmas) will be able to evolve into Dugtrio (Christmas) (Ends December 31st) Pichu (Christmas) will be able to evolve into Pikachu (Christmas) with level 3 Happiness (Ends January 7th) Egg drops from the daily login rewards will start on December 1st and stop on December 31st The Event Center for hatching will open on December 5th and close on January 7th (This is also where you will be able to list your eggs on PokéBay) Please remember: You will no longer be able to hatch eggs after January 7th so waste no time hatching any you obtain! What will you hatch?! Christmas Hatchathon Event FAQ Q - How many eggs can my account hold unhatched? A - As many as you like. You can store your daily login rewarded eggs along with PokéBay purchases until you're ready to hatch them. Q - Why does the hatching run until January 7th but egg drops only run until December 31st? A - This is so people have time to hatch eggs bought from auctions that are currently running when the egg drops are over. Q - Can I get more than one egg from daily login rewards? A - You can get one every day until December 31st. Q - I can't see my egg in the Event Center - Where is it? A - Make sure your daily login reward was actually claimed on the account you are on. If you have multiple accounts, it's likely that your egg is one of your other accounts as only 1 daily login reward is given per person, not 1 per account. Q - My egg was due to hatch but I don't see it - Where is it? A - It likely already hatched. You can see your previously hatched eggs in a list on the Event Center page. Q - Can I hatch more than one egg at a time? A - Yes but you must hatch eggs to unlock more incubating slots. Hatching many 30min eggs would be the best for method for this. Q - Do I have to be actively playing for the egg to hatch? A - No, you can leave an egg hatching and come back whenever you're ready to check on it. The time taken to hatch is not influenced by anything.
  7. Patrick

    Answered Account banned from battling training accounts

    People don't get banned for using training accounts. You were banned for automating battles either through a mouse recorder, script, browser extension, program, tool or macro.
  8. Clan Changes 2018/2019 Effective immediately, clans will no longer be able to hold 400 members. The Capacity is now set at 100 members per clan. What does this mean for clans that already have over 100 members? They will remain over capacity until the clan condenses their own member list or when the next content update drops (the mobile update) - Those clans will automatically have their member list condensed on a random basis of member kicks. How long do clans have to organise their own member list to be 100 or below? The date is uncertain but I urge you to do it as soon as possible. Who will be removed from a clan if the member list is left above 100 at the time of the next update? All users with roles (Leader, Co-Leader, Elitest) will be left in the clan. Members without a role will be randomly chosen to be removed until the clan is left at 100 members. Why was this change made? Multiple reasons. The first being a preparation for the "Clan Skills" update. The second reason being hopefully this will spread players out a bit more across multiple clans, making the Top Clans leaderboard a bit more competitive and interesting for the upcoming clan updates we have planned. If you know anyone who runs a clan, please spread this notice on so they can have a chance to organise their own clan without us intervening. Thank you.
  9. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Wild Pokémon egg drops have now come to an end but that doesn't mean there's just daily login rewards left to get eggs!

    Until December 19th all clan battle wins have the chance to drop an egg of all 4 types.

    Happy hunting, everyone!

  10. Patrick

    Resolved Daily Login Bug

    I don't see why you needed to create a bug report for this when you clearly know how daily login rewards work. Someone (or yourself) is using the same network to log into two accounts so only one is getting the reward, it's that simple. There's no bug here.
  11. Patrick

    Resolved Regice avatar spoils

    That's not a bug, it was just easier to implement that way for a temporary feature. If eggs were a permanent thing, I wouldn't have made it work that way. You're the first to notice/mention it though so good for you
  12. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    The top hatchers rewards have been revealed
    Check the event center for more information.

    Happy hatching!

  13. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon


    There's no set amount, they're random drops. Just remember, it's wild battles only, not trainer battles.
  14. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon


  15. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon


    The above answer is incorrect. There is a notification on the chat bar (Like when you received a message or get outbid on an auction)
  16. Patrick

    Answered Leveling

    A Pokémon must contribute to the battle to earn experience. There’s no way to share experience to Pokémon that weren’t used in the battle.
  17. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Defeating wild Pokémon in battle now have a chance to drop an egg of all 4 types.

    Are you willing to let wild Pokémon faint for an egg?

    Happy hunting, everyone!

    Wild Pokémon egg drops ends on December 12th

    1. Auke1993


      Ooh, more reason to do wild battles.

    2. waybig


      How high is that "chance" exactly? And does it increase by level or is it completely random 

  18. Patrick

    Answered A question about the current egg event

    It's started and you don't need an event ticket.
  19. Patrick

    Answered I was banned

    That's a server error, not a ban. Don't worry about it.
  20. Patrick

    General Event tickets help

    You don’t need an event ticket for this event, the event center will open for everyone on December 5th to start hatching eggs.
  21. Patrick

    Answered Artists and pokemon vortex?

    We have had art sub-forums, general chat sub-forums and multiple other sub-forums in the past. They were removed with the launch of v4 because forums as a whole platform for communities just aren't as popular as they once were with the younger generation. I have asked countless people over the years why they don't like using forums and the most popular answer is "It's too complicated" or "I don't know how to use them" With the decline in interest of forums, I decided to remove all the non-game related sections and just stick to what's important for the game. It's very unlikely I'd ever add general or art sub-forums back, sorry.
  22. Patrick

    Answered Expired discord link?

    The discord link found everywhere on Vortex (https://discord.gg/pokemonvortex) does not expire. We do not have temporary invite links so if you find it does not work then you're banned from the server.
  23. Patrick

    Answered Price of an avatar

    You can check the value of things on our Discord using the command !value Arceus avatar in the channel #bot-commands.
  24. Patrick

    Answered how does bidding work

    When you bid on an auction, you will be the current highest bidder. This money is taken from your account and held by the game until either the auction ends or you are outbid by another player. When you get outbid, your bid is instantly returned back to your account. If the auction ends and you are still the highest bidder, then your bid goes to the seller (Minus a 10% tax) So to answer your question, no, you’re not supposed to get your bid back unless someone outbids you. You are spending the money on the auction.
  25. Patrick

    Battle of Eternity

    Welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's special events. This event will pit you in a two-part battle against the mysterious and powerful AZ. Think you have what it takes to defeat his overpowered team? If so, it's rumored that he will give you his very special form of Floette - Floette (Eternal) This event will require you to have an event ticket to unlock the event center. To obtain an event ticket, be sure you log in on November 2nd 2018 to get one in the daily login rewards. This event kicks off on November 3rd 2018 and will end on November 5th 2018 so waste no time getting your best team ready to take AZ down. Enjoy, everyone! Event FAQ Q - Can I keep defeating AZ for more Floette (Eternal)?A - No. You can only claim 2 Floette (Eternal) - One from each battle round. The first battle guarantees you the Normal Floette (Eternal) and the second battle will give you a random variant of Floette (Eternal) from Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic or Shadow. Q - I didn't get my Floette (Eternal), where is it?A - The Pokémon obtained from this event are sent to you as a promo code and will be delivered to your inventory in the promo code sub-section. Q - Can I beat AZ on multiple accounts for more Floette (Eternal)?A - You can, but this is frowned upon. Your account will be at risk of a ban if we feel you are abusing the event on multiple accounts. Q - Can I sell my Floette (Eternal) promo codes on PokéBay?A - Absolutely! The promo codes have a one month expiry period so they can be sold multiple times before they need to be claimed. Q - When does this event end?A - The event is scheduled to end on Monday November 5th 2018 at 00:00 GMT.