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  2. Patrick

    Answered sorry.

    Can you please stop with all these posts. Your account safety and security is your responsibility as a user of the site. If you willingly give your password away, use easily guessed passwords or fake email addresses then that is your wrong-doing. I know it's not what you want to hear but we do not have the staff capacity or time to deal with every small issue caused by your own neglect.
  3. You can't even change an email address on an account so no one has changed yours.
  4. It doesn't matter if their real life currency value is the same, most people do not buy from the store to trade it all away, it's for their own personal collection. On top of this, a Mystery Box's contents is undetermined until it's open so it makes no sense to even compare its value to something else. A Mystery Box is unique in value based on its current (potential) contents and has no relation to Premium Pokémon. Nothing is going to just disappear because you don't like opinionated and hypothetical trade values.
  5. Uhhh... Premium Pokémon and Mystery Boxes have zero relation so one becoming more valuable does not make the other less valuable. (Maybe in a straight Box-for-Pokemon trade ratio but you can't even do that in the game anyway.) Also believe it or not, the game is not developed with player assigned values in mind, I don't care how valuable something is.
  6. @omg414 Zygarde (Cell) won’t be in boxes. The rest is correct, nice job.
  7. Fixed. (You can force this fix yourself by doing a browser re-cache, or you can wait for an automatic re-cache)
  8. This is intended as 0 is an invalid search and just reverts to the full list of PokéBay auctions. The reason for this is 0 is a number and when entering a number, it expects a valid auction ID which 0 is not. To search for the Unown numbers quicker, you will have to do something like (0) or (0 or 0)
  9. La cuenta niko413 fue prohibida por romper los términos de servicio acordados al crear una cuenta. Específicamente "No automatizar el juego" La prohibición es permanente.
  10. Patrick

    Answered Staff

    We don’t take applications for becoming a staff member. If a spot is ever opened up to the general public then an announcement will be made on how and what to do.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure. I often register to games, websites or services I intend to use just to get my usual username. What I mean by intend to use is I don't have the time to when securing my username but I would one day like to. Sometimes it can be days, weeks, months or even years. Sure, the specific account *you* want may not have been one of these cases but it's still their account and I will never delete them/make the username available just because they haven't logged in recently or ever.
  12. We need usernames, auction IDs, screenshots... anything or we can't help you.
  13. You’re not even allowed to sell/buy accounts, it is against the ToS you agreed to when you created your account.
  14. Suggestions are now closed, thank you to all who contributed a name
  15. This isn't true. They're never unbanned under any circumstance.
  16. Necrozma can only be caught with Beast Balls or Vortex Balls.
  17. ...except it’s not actually from Pokémon Go so that would be a weird and irrelevant name
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