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  1. Unfortunately not, sorry. When an account is banned, it's gone forever; username and contents.
  2. https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/forum/40-provide-ideas-feedback/
  3. No, I can't and would never, even if I could, log in to people's accounts. If you need to report a scam, you can do it here: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/forum/28-report-scammers/
  4. Hoenn sidequests have a chance to drop both items or you can buy them from other players through PokéBay. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests#Hoenn
  5. It is on your account, you must have overlooked it.
  6. Your account pre-dates the localised time update, meaning you're currently using the default UTC time zone. You need to select your time zone from the options tab on the left of any inner-game page. (Make sure you choose correctly as it cannot be changed again)
  7. Yes, status effects are not yet implemented to wild battles.
  8. This is the result of your browser behavior. For some reason it is not handling cookies correctly.
  9. Hola, parece que compraste el artículo Aerodactylite, no el Pokémon Aerodactyl. Auction: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokebay/auction/2753384
  10. 1. In trainer battles they do, yes. They have not yet been implemented to wild battles. 2. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Map_Encounter_Rates 3. Same link ^ 4. Nothing can be done to improve odds of certain things appearing so no, there's no shiny hunting methods. 5. No. 6. Yes.
  11. Kanto sidequests or you can buy it from other players on PokéBay.
  12. Patrick

    Answered Can I?

    No, those forums are for people who can't speak English, it's not a place for you to post the same thing in another section in another language.
  13. As I stated in one of your previous posts about this, it is not a bug or error and we have a support system for store purchases. These issues do not need to be posted here. Your particular issue is that your payments are being declined after fraud risk evaluation checks, there is nothing to fix.
  14. This was a temporary bug that has been fixed and your promo codes should now appear as usual and able to be redeemed.
  15. It's very unlikely that will happen.
  16. Store problems have their own support system (which you already know, you opened a ticket) You do not need to open bug reports about them.
  17. Si lo dejó en su inventario durante demasiado tiempo, es posible que haya expirado y ya no se pueda usar. Los códigos caducados no aparecerán en su inventario. Si presionó canjear, su cuenta fue acreditada con el contenido del código.
  18. Yes, Arceus (Unknown) can still be won from the lottery. This wiki article explains everything you need to know about lottery cycles: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Lottery
  19. This isn't the place to ask about things like this. Join our Discord and speak to one of the following people if they are online:
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