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  1. https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/staff/
  2. This is not a bug. You pressed "Place Bid" (although you may not have noticed, since you're claiming you didn't) This will automatically bid the "recommended" amount - It's an intended feature called "quick bid".
  3. I'm not dismissing the potential for more ways of obtaining VC in the future, who knows what the future holds. But, I really dislike the reasoning going on here; "I don't have time to do something" will never get something added to the game - That's a personal problem, not a game problem.
  4. This is because of your screen size (or you have lowered some of the graphics options of the map system) It is intended to do this to display the encounters correctly on smaller screens without covering other content such as your own player.
  5. There could be multiple reasons. Some of the more common reasons your post count would go down are: Duplicate or multi-posts were merged into a single post. Old posts were deleted. Some of your posts were moved to a non-post-count-increasing sub-forum. Either way, post count isn't something to collect so don't worry about it, it's not a competition.
  6. You are on the leaderboard for the current season which ends on May 31st. You did not place in the April season so you were not awarded anything for it.
  7. Sorry, this kind of question isn't allowed here. You need to ask things with fact-based unopinionated answers.
  8. Team Yell is not yet available. It will be coming in a future update.
  9. You are mistaken, it is the way it is intended to be. Multiple Pokémon "face backwards" in battle because their back acts as their means of attacking or defending. Some examples:
  10. Things like that are cached so it doesn't have to request data from the server constantly as people view it. You just need your cache to update. You can force your cache to update (just google how to clear your browser's cache) but it's really not worth it. These leaderboards are not a competitive thing, it's just to show who's useful and contributing worthwhile content to the forums, that's all.
  11. Beast Balls and Vortex Balls have a 100% capture rate for Ultra Beasts, regardless of current HP. You do not need to weaken them.
  12. We had this before and it was a nightmare to maintain. For the foreseeable future, we'll only be using Discord as a group/global chat for Vortex.
  13. Greninja (Ash) already exists in Pokémon Vortex (Not available yet, but is in the Pokedex as a placeholder for a future event that we already have mapped out) You can have a look at it here: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex/Greninja (Ash)
  14. Patrick

    Answered Banned

    Hi, the account kexiod was found to be automating gameplay which is against the terms of service agreed upon when the account was created. For reference:
  15. It doesn't say "until you've battled everyone else". It tells you to go and find the gyms in the world (The explore part of the game) The gyms look like this: Just click on the building when you stand near the door and the building is flashing to be taken to the gym battle. There are 8 gyms to find in the world.
  16. It was resolved - This is not a bug, you just don't understand the happiness mechanics of the game or the answer you were given. You need to read this: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Happiness If you still don't understand it after that, you can ask questions about it in our Q&A forum, do not open another bug report.
  17. Sorry but we can't do that. Clan management is entirely down to the players. If you would like to be given ownership of a clan then you need to ask the current owner of the clan.
  18. Please read the forum's FAQ before posting questions.
  19. Are you really in any position to report people for swearing before you go and do this: Either way, just block him, that's why the option exists.
  20. Use the community trade thread for this, please. It doesn't need a topic of its own. Thanks
  21. Can you keep this kind of thing contained in the topic you conducted your giveaway in, please? Thank you.
  22. While I agree this would make it more easily accessed, I don't think it makes much sense and could be (and I suspect will be) often confused for thinking the player is currently first if their under-rank-100 showed at the top. The main reason it's at the bottom is to signify that status of not having yet made it into the leaderboard.
  23. There currently are no running events right now. If you want to know when an event is started or has started, it will be posted in the news feed on the game home page as well as the in-game dashboard new feed. It's also announced in our dedicated announcements channel on our Discord server. If you want a list of previous events that have ran and what Pokémon were obtainable from them, you can refer to this wiki article: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Events
  24. This can't possibly be answered because what you're asking varies entirely on the actions of other players in the future - It cannot be predicted. Seasons will currently still work as they did, point-wise. Maybe more people will compete because of the change, maybe less will, we can't know until it happens so we just have to wait and see.
  25. Changes to Seasons Starting April 2021 Throughout April 2021, we will be rolling out a few changes to how seasons work and can be tracked. The first change that will be noticed and can be expected to be available in the next couple of days is the ability to see your own rank on the seasonal leaderboard, even if you do not yet qualify for a place in the top 100 The next change, and the biggest of them, is the removal of randomised rewards and the introduction of a new currency only obtainable through placing in the top 100 of any given season. This
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