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Not a Bug My experience of mystic hoopa reduce

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Dear moderator


My mystic hoopa(I will try until I die) has 3,000,024 experience till tomorrow but now it is ruduce and became 2,998,524 I don't know why this happened!   

Tomorrow I make my overall experience in correct 90m but today it got reduce I taught I traded some Pokémon but when I was checking my experience I saw that my Mystic hoopa experience got reduce...

I logout and login again but it experience was still 2,998,524 I check from my alternate account also but it's show same result...  

I don't know it's glitch or something else please check and tell what mistake it is.   

Some SS 

This is ss of before 5-10 days - https://ibb.co/54gVKpt


Today ss - https://ibb.co/1vVQwJq 

Ss from my alternate account- https://ibb.co/sHhrPcB 

Ss I asked from my friend - 








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