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Idea Cool PV ideas for the future

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So there are 3 main ideas I have in mind since I have started playing the game.


1) There are many pokeballs in the pokemon world, but I hardly see a few of them in PV. This is a screenshot of the available pokeballs.POkeballs.jpg

There are HEAL BALLS, PREMIER BALLS, LOVE BALLS and many others. There are so many players in the game including myself who would love to catch event and leggie pokemon in these balls. So here's the idea, instead of having net balls, dive balls and other balls in TCG, Orange island sidequests, why not replace them with these new balls? It will also give motivation for players to complete sidequests, as players think it's a waste of time and effort to do those Island battles.


2) This is a map feature. How cool would it be if you added a bicycle in the map? You can make it like you save 2-3 seasonal VC to buy the bicycle from Season Shop to travel around maps in the bicycle. It would be a fun ride with clan mates.


3) This is a seasonal event idea. The one pokemon I would recommend the developers to add would be SHUCKLE.

C'mon how cool would Shuckle (Halloween) and Shuckle (Christmas) be?

Here is an image of the prototype I have made :)



So those were 3 ideas that I would love to see come up in the future. Thanks for listening till the end!




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Cool ideas dude

But I do wish that if the cycle is added, it can be, like an exclusive auction or something. I have school going on and can’t really find time to seasonal grind. 

Secondly, I love the idea of custom shuckles. It could be that the Halloween shuckle would be Harry Potter. This would give a chance for more events based on hermione and Ron. Even the other guys. 

It would be cool for PV to add events themed on Marvel and DC. 

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2-3 VC seems incredibly overpriced to save me a couple of minutes switching routes every few days... lol


More balls would be great. IIRC SpheX has an Absol in a premier ball and straya has a Snom in a love ball. They're just for vanity but it would be cool to be able to buy more diverse ones for 5000 each like with moon balls, I always try and catch event Pokemon in moon balls because it looks nice in the Pokedex lol

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