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☆ Alys' Giveaway ☆

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23 hours ago, mmmmj said:

i really want the shiny melottona and the shiny froakie

Please read the "How to enter" part of the original post! Thank you.

10 hours ago, DDAVE4 said:

I would like either a shiny493MS.pngor shiny 793MS.png




Sorry you had to leave

even if i don't win this giveaway thank you for the opportunity


Please read the "How to enter" part of the original post! Thank you.


Everyone else who has posted in this thread has been entered into the giveaway. 

Thanks for all the replies and good luck! :^_^:

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20 hours ago, Dcc13 said:

I like 656MS.png Ty for the giveaway

19 hours ago, M0NO said:

i like mimikyu

I'm just going to assume that both your usernames are also your IGNS so that I can enter you both!

6 hours ago, MarcoSussyBaka said:

Can I have a 135MS.pngplease

Please read the "How to enter" part of the original post!
I'm unfortunately not allowing begging!


Everyone else who has posted in this thread has been entered!
Thanks for participating and good luck to you all :^_^:

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On 12/8/2022 at 11:19 AM, iamascorbunnytrainer said:

umm can you give me a pikachu(halloween) cause i could not play the game because of halloween


On 2/4/2023 at 9:02 AM, Alys said:


 IGNs: Alys / Syla Discord: Alys#9717

Shiny Meloetta (Aria)

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! 

I will be giving away nearly every Pokémon I own!


I am quite busy IRL so unfortunately this may take some time.

Your patience is appreciated.


[ Starting 4th Feb 23, Hopefully ending around 4th March 23. ]




Comment your favourite Pokémon and IGN down below.

[ 4th Feb - 11th Feb ]


Currently, all you have to do is to comment on this thread and you will be automatically entered into the first prize draw!

In future updates, entering won't be so easy! So comment while you can!



Below are just some of the Pokémon you'll be able to win during the giveaway!

[ Prizes will be randomised ]


shiny-bulb.pngShiny Charmandershiny-sq.pngShadow BulbasaurShadow Charmandershadow-sq.png

Shiny ChikoritaShiny CyndaquilShiny TotodileShadow ChikoritaShadow CyndaquilShadow Totodile

Shiny TreeckoShiny TorchicShiny MudkipShadow TreeckoShadow TorchicShadow Mudkip

Shiny TurtwigShiny ChimcharShiny PiplupShadow TurtwigShadow ChimcharShadow Piplup

Shiny SnivyShiny TepigShiny OshawottShadow SnivyShadow TepigShadow Oshawott

Shiny ChespinShiny Fennekinfroakie.pngShadow ChespinShadow FennekinShadow Froakie

Shiny RowletShiny LittenShiny PopplioShadow RowletShadow LittenShadow Popplio

Shiny Pichu (Christmas)Shiny RioluShiny LarvitarShiny BagonShiny Mimikyueevee.pngShiny VaporeonShiny FlareonShiny JolteonShiny LeafeonShiny GlaceonShiny Charizard (Mega Y)Shiny Charizard (Mega X)shiny-art.pngShiny ZapdosShiny MoltresShiny LugiaShiny Ho-ohShiny LatiasShiny LatiosShiny EnteiShiny RaikouShiny SuicuneShiny GroudonShiny KyogreShiny RegirockShiny Registeelregiice.pngShiny RegigigasShiny CresseliaShiny PalkiaShiny DialgaShiny DeoxysShiny ArceusShiny DarkraiShiny DarkrownShiny Rayquaza (Mega)Shiny NihilegoShiny VirizionShiny VictiniShiny RotomShiny JirachiShiny AzelfShiny MespritShiny UxieShiny MewShiny CelebiShiny ShayminShiny ManaphyShiny PhioneShiny Meloetta (Aria)


- Begging will not be tolerated, and can even get you disqualified from entering!

- You may only enter once, entering on multiple accounts can also get you disqualified!

- Currently every Pokémon on the account "Syla" is free! Message me for details.

- Special thanks to Yousy for making this possible.





my fav mon is decidueyedecidueyeign wherewolf666

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