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  1. Its alright pit it up for trade
  2. Can you pls bid on my swablu lvl 50 very cheap

  3. How about I have 2 of them both lvl 100 Is it ok
  4. No thanks i have both the types of mega chaizard is for ok
  5. What for torracat ign Dinosaurx
  6. I don't have a dragonite I want the golbat i can give you a cursola [evolves form corsola] lvl 100
  7. By the way my if you don't believe me that I don't have such Pokémon check my account Dinosaurx
  8. You know i can give you my 100 lvl dark zoroark for your dark garchomp is that ok ??
  9. ign: Dinosaurx i can get all the other Pokémon except catepie Christmas but I don't really care for it give me what you can
  10. i want your larvitar can you give it i will give you primarina
  11. Can you take my azurill to 3 hearts I can give you venusaurite,blazikenite and blastoise mage stone is that ok just tell me how should i give it to you ???
  12. choose ign Dinosaurx except legendaries like dialga, lugia,rayquaza,arceus,azelf,manaphy
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