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☆ Alys' Giveaway ☆

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 IGNs: Alys / Syla Discord: Alys#9717


 Thank you all for over 4k views and

nearly 200 replies, It's been a blast 🧡





All Pokemon in my trades are free!

Offer anything you like!





Listed below are the prizes that were given out during the giveaway



Shadow Arceus (rock)Metallic Pikachu (Halloween)Shiny DeoxysShiny Pichu (Christmas) Shiny YveltalShiny Dialgashiny-sq.pngShadow SquirtleShiny CyndaquilShiny EeveeShadow ZygardeShiny EeveeShiny ArceusShadow DialgaShiny CelebiShiny Lugiafroakie.pngShiny MimikyuShiny ShayminShiny MewShiny GalladeShiny Rayquaza (Mega)Shiny EeveeShadow Rayquaza (Mega)regiice.pngShiny LatiosShiny RowletShiny RioluShiny RaltsShiny Gardevoir (Mega)Shiny PalkiaShiny NihilegoShadow CelebiShiny DragonairShadow AzelfShiny ChespinShadow ArticunoShiny ChimcharShadow GenesectShiny ChikoritaShadow DarkraiShiny LittenShadow DarkrownShiny BulbasaurShadow DeoxysShiny MudkipShadow GroudonShiny OshawottShadow KyogreShiny PiplupShadow MewShiny PopplioShadow MoltresShiny SnivyShadow ManaphyShiny TepigShadow MespritShiny TorchicShadow Shaymin (Sky)Shiny TotodileShadow UxieShiny TreeckoShadow Xerneas (Active)Shiny TurtwigShadow NihilegoShadow BulbasaurShiny ArticunoShadow CharmanderShiny DarkraiShadow CyndaquilShiny DarkrownShadow ChespinShiny Charizard (Mega Y) Shadow ChikoritaShiny EnteiShadow ChimcharShiny JirachiShadow FroakieShiny LatiasShiny Moltresshiny-art.pngShiny ZapdosShiny RegigigasShiny KyogreShiny CresseliaShiny TreeckoShadow RayquazaShadow YveltalShadow VaporeonShadow FennekinShadow Squirtleshiny-bulb.pngShiny MoltresShiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny DarkraiShiny KeldeoShiny FennekinShadow RayquazaShadow KyogreShadow JolteonShadow OshawottShadow Mudkipshadow-sq.pngShiny SuicuneShiny ReshiramShiny RegirockShiny VictiniShiny CharmanderShadow RayquazaShadow GiratinaShadow FlareonShadow FennekinShadow Turtwigeevee.pngShiny RaikouShiny RegisteelShiny Shaymin (Sky)Shiny CelebiShiny RowletShadow EeveeShadow LeafeonShadow GlaceonShadow Tapu leleShadow RowletShadow TotodileShadow Charizard (Mega Y)Shadow Gardevoir (Mega)Shadow MespritShadow PopplioShadow UxieShadow Steelix (Mega)Shiny Absol (Mega)Shiny EeveeShiny Gengar (Mega)Shiny LarvitarShiny Porygon2Shiny Lycanroc (Midday)Shiny MespritShiny AzelfShiny UxieShiny PhioneShiny VirizionShadow Charizard (Mega X)Shadow GenesectShadow PiplupShadow RotomShadow ZapdosShiny Absol (Mega)Shiny BagonShiny EeveeShiny GroudonShiny LandorusShiny Lycanroc (Dusk)Shiny Medicham (Mega)Shiny Vulpix (Alolan)Shiny Tapu LeleShiny VirizionShadow EeveeShadow Genesect (Ice)Shadow MimikyuShadow RowletShadow TurtwigShadow TerrakionShiny Charizard (Mega X)Shiny Aggron (Mega)Shiny DiancieShiny LeafeonShiny HeatranShiny ManaphyShiny MespritShiny MimikyuShiny ZoruaShiny RegigigasShiny Tyranitar (Mega)Shadow EeveeShadow KeldeoShadow PhioneShadow SnivyShadow TreeckoShadow Swampert (Mega)Shiny Charizard (Mega Y)Shiny Ampharos (Mega)Shiny FlareonShiny Houndoom (Mega)Shiny LuxrayShiny ManaphyShiny MespritShiny PorygonShiny RotomShiny VaporeonShiny YveltalShadow EeveeShadow ManaphyShadow PhioneShadow TepigShadow TorchicShadow TornadusShiny Diancie (Mega)Shiny Banette (Mega)Shiny FennekinShiny JolteonShiny Lycanroc (Midnight)Shiny Mawile (Mega)Shiny Metagross (Mega)Shiny PhioneShiny VaporeonShiny ZoruaShiny Tapu Bulu


Shiny Ralts

Special thanks to Yousy for making this possible.

Take Care! 




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