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This could be a way to obtain gmax pokemon. So there could be special raid dens spread randomly across the map, just like in sword/shield, and inside it there would be a gmax pokemon raid, the pokemon in it depending on the difficulty (1-5 star, again like sword/shield), with odds of it being a shiny version or legendary gmax raid. Although for the legendary raid bit to work, we would need some custom gmax forms for legendaries, most likely ones for the special pokemon vortex fan-made legendaries, again with a chance to be shiny. And they would have 3 max moves and the exclusive gmax move for the moveset. The level would also depend on the difficulty. I'd reccomend level 30 for 1, with 6000 hp, level 40 for 2, having 7000 hp, level 45/50 for 3, with 8000 hp, 60 for 4, with 9000 hp, and finally 75 for 5 star, the amount of hp being 10000. For legendary gmax raids, they would be level 85, with  20000 hp. And you would do all this with other players, but they would be replaced with CPU characters until live battles come to vortex. Also, feel free to share suggestions for custom vortex-only gmax forms!

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