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Mass-releasing Pokémon has been requested many times and I've always been against it for the reason of people "accidentally" releasing things they wanted to keep.

Yes, there could be a confirmation screen, there could be 50 and people will still find a way to release things they didn't want to and expect us to pick up the pieces restoring Pokémon or reimbursing them. Which, naturally we do not want to do.


That's not to say mass-releasing will never be a thing, it's just not currently in the works and is not on a short list (or even long list) of features to be added.


I can see why it's wanted and how it would be helpful, especially to frequent season players but for now, don't expect it to happen unless we can find a way to implement it with minimal or preferably zero risk of extra workload and complaints from people who ignore confirmation dialogues.


Having said all that, if you have a solution to this problem yourself then we'd love to hear it.

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