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Attributes on wild Pokémon.

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Displaying attributes of wild Pokémon at the top of the screen serves as a valuable tool for both novice and seasoned Pokémon trainers alike. Here are five compelling reasons why this feature is useful:


  • Informed Decision-Making: By showcasing attributes such as the Pokémon's level, type, and status conditions at the top of the screen, trainers can make more informed decisions about whether to engage in battle or choose a different approach.


  • Efficient Strategy Planning: Knowing a wild Pokémon's attributes allows trainers to plan their strategies more effectively, selecting moves and Pokémon with type advantages or status-altering moves that can aid in capturing or defeating the wild Pokémon.


  • Avoiding Unnecessary Battles: With attribute information readily available, trainers can avoid wasting time and resources on battles that may not be worth their while, such as engaging with low-level Pokémon when seeking higher-level encounters.


  • Enhanced Training Opportunities: Trainers seeking specific attributes or rare Pokémon can use this information to target and prioritise the encounters that align with their training goals, facilitating the acquisition of desired species and attributes.


  • Increased Immersion: Displaying attributes at the top of the screen enhances the immersive experience of the Pokémon world, helping trainers feel more connected to their in-game journey by providing them with critical information that mirrors the decisions they might make in a real-world encounter with wildlife.



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Outside of the Pokémon's type, almost all of this already exists or is possible.
I suppose you could explicitly state the rarity of the Pokémon, but the rarity can also be seen by the level.

This sounds very fancy, but this game really isn't that fancy. It's not meant to be. It's good you're thinking along, but most of what you're suggesting is already a thing in the game.

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