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  1. You can reach Route 23 by going south on the east side of route 21, or by going north from Shore's End. if you're in Wild Overgrowth, you can follow the path to the left, through multiple areas, and you will eventually end up on Route 23.
  2. That is an opton, but I don't see the point. I'm the one receiving a prize. I'm getting multiple Pokémon. If I have to offer, I'd have to offer multiple Pokémon in the trade. If you offer, it has to be just one. So I'd strongly prefer if you do it.
  3. That's awesome, thank you. How will you be distributing the prizes? I have some very common Pokémon up for trade. You can offer my winnings on one of them.
  4. I believe that Pokémon Vortex is designed with the idea to play a little bit every day, while also giving the option to play and do a lot in a single or a few days if that's what the player wants. I usually play only a little bit every day, which can mean just getting the daily log-in reward and seeing if I was sent any messages.
  5. Thank you for making these available. Is this just an announcement of what's to come later, or is this the giveaway itself? If so, how are these won? I don't see that listed. I just see the potention things that can be won.
  6. I've never spent real money in Pokémon Vortex, and I still intend to complete the Pokédex. The final few will be hard, and will require a lot of difficult trading a Pokébay use, but I expect to be able to make it.
  7. Strange, it seems like I have 0 seasonal points so far.
    I know I'm not going for Seasonals, and haven't done a lot.
    However, I know I've beaten a few wild Pokémon, and I've cought a decent amount of immunity Pokémon as well.
    Perhaps because I caught some of the same Pokémon multiple times, points are subtracted? Could that be it?

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    2. Tritre


      Or you havent done a single battle, though its unlikely

    3. Auke1993


      I said I did battles in my status update.
      Please read before posting a reply.

    4. Tritre


      Strange, it seems like I have 0 seasonal points so far.
      I know I'm not going for Seasonals, and haven't done a lot.
      However, I know I've beaten a few wild Pokémon, and I've cought a decent amount of immunity Pokémon as well.

      I thought it meant that youve been only hunting pokes and not battling. Sorry

  8. The stats page works fine for me. I can see everything without error.
  9. My guess is that they read the 2nd part of your answer quickly, and read the 'arent' as 'are'.
  10. Ah, I see. I believe you can report your own post to request a deletion of it.
  11. Why would they delete this? They have a question about a part of the game they do not understand. Using the responses from two users so far, they are doing their best to understand it now. What about this topic should be deleted? If you feel strongly about it to the extent of posting this, please at least give a reason.
  12. No, they are not. Level 100 Pokémon, no matter what EXP they have, have the same strength.
  13. Experience is used for leveling up a Pokémon. However, once a Pokémon has reached the maximum level, level 100, that part of EXP does not matter anymore. Higher EXP does help you get points for the leaderboards, so if you're interested in that you can keep training a Pokémon after it's reached Level 100. If you are not interested in the leaderboards, then there is little reason to train beyond Level 100.
  14. You should never share passwords of your accounts. Please be very careful with your information.
  15. Currently such a map does not exist. Only in the source files for Vortex, whici I assume won't be shared, is the full map visible.
  16. A Shiny Pokémon will always remain Shiny. There is no way to change this. Similarly, a Metallic Pokémon will always stay Metallic, and a Shadow Pokémon will always stay Shadow. All other varieties use the same rule. You cannot change into or out of any of them.
  17. The wiki currently lists Gyarados as a rare Nighttime encounter on the water. Did you find yours during daytime or nighttime?
  18. I have plenty of commons up for trade. If any of those are of interest to you, we can trade them. I regularly put new Pokémon up for trade, including commons and varieties of commons.
  19. For those unwilling to look it up, here is the list of all Pokémon missing from Tritre's account, at the time of writing this message. https://paste.ee/p/RAR0J
  20. Almost all trainer-owned Pokémon are male. This is not a bug, and has been addressed in the past. It will not be changed.
  21. I did wonder how they gained so much reputation so quickly. This would explain it.
  22. I was able to Explore over an hour ago. I feel like whatever the issue was is slowly being resolved, whether that's automatically or due to some kind of maintenance.
  23. Four others have reported this. You don't need to report it again, I would say. Replying in another topic that it's the case for you as well should be plenty.
  24. If they don't give you good money, then they're not at level 6. Level 6 immunes give a LOT of money. Outside of that, if they are the same level, then there is a random multiplier to the money earned. You need a bit of luck to get the best money. A Pokémon being either Flying or Dark type does not affect this.
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