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  1. No big Seasonal push for me this Season after all.
    I am still very high in the Top 100, so I can probably still get the reward at the end of the Season.
    I do have a new strategy I came up with during this Season that I intend to apply the next time I will go for the Seasonal rankings.

    1. foodviro2.0


      I recommend getting a regular bird or pory instead of saving up for a unique 

  2. The message you posted doesn't say that you are banned. Was there more of that message than you posted here, and that other part said you were banned? What were the 'options above'? I find it hard to know what could've been the error without that information.
  3. The Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy Color. Let's play that on stream.


    1. jamorant


      I didn't know you had a twitch I couldn't find yours when I went to see if you had one.

    2. Auke1993


      My username is Auke1993 pretty much anywhere.
      I always stream on Saturday. I sometimes stream on other days too, like today.

  4. You can battle during day or nighttime, you can choose that yourself. You can battle on the maps, against Gyms, or against any member. As long as the evolution happens at night, it doesn't matter when the battles take place.
  5. In Pokémon Vortex, Pokémon do not evolve after a battle. To evolve your Pokémon, you have to go to your team or your full collection of Pokémon, and click the 'Evolve' button. You don't have to worry about an evolution happening immediately after a battle. It's always your choice when it happens.
  6. There are quality options in the top-right when you're on the live maps. Lowering the quality is likely to help. Whether it'll fix the issue I don't know, but it should help.
  7. There's two main ways I like to use. The first is training Level 6 Pokémon with immunities against their respective training accounts. This gives you a lot of money per battle. The other way is Sidequests. It takes some time, but you get over a million PokéDollars everytime you complete a region, which makes it worth it. There's other rewards in it too.
  8. Wrestlemania is today! And tomorrow! Here and my hopes and predictions for this weekend's WWE grand event.


  9. Normal: Nothing special Dark: Deals 25% more damage Metallic: Takes 25% less damage Mystic: Has a chance to 'scare' the opponent during battle, making them unable to attack (not sure on the chance of this happening each turn) Shiny: Has 25% more HP Shadow: Is unaffected by status effects (such as Poison and Paralysis)
  10. Necrozma hunt video going live on Youtube within an hour from now. There's no stopping until I get one.


    1. foodviro2.0


      Did you ever find 1 I had to go before the stream was over

    2. red_wolf_


      Good luck

  11. This is not correct. A Master Ball has a 100% catch rate on every Pokémon that is NOT an Ultra Beast. A Master Ball never works on an Ultra Beast. To catch an Ultra Beast you must use a Beast Ball. The Beast Ball has a 100% catch rate on Ultra Beasts, while not working on any other Pokémon. A Vortex Ball works on both Ultra Beasts and other Pokémon. As Vortex Balls are really hard to obtain, you will most likely be using Beast Balls to catch Ultra Beasts. Again, Master Balls do not work on Ultra Beasts. If you try to use one you will waste it. Use Beast Balls for Ultra Beasts.
  12. It sounds like you and I have the same goal. Good luck with your quest. I'd also like to remind everyone you can use the !missing command in the Vortex Discord, specifically in the bot commands channel, to obtain a list of what a specific user is missing.
  13. It's time to hunt Necrozma on stream! I won't stop until I've found it!


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    2. Auke1993


      I realize it can be long.
      That'd make it even more satisfying if I catch it.

    3. foodviro2.0
    4. foodviro2.0


      ..... I took 3 months to get a nihilego

  14. They mentioned in their posts both go for 200k.
  15. What do you mean by catching them accidentally? Usually you press the button to catch it on purpose. I feel like there's something I don't understand. What makes it be on accident?
  16. Congratulations. Nice job.
  17. I'm streaming the original Pokémon TCG game, the one for the Gameboy Color!


  18. Do you have any evidence of the scam? In what way did they cheat? How are you sure they cheated? Do you have screenshots of your conversation with this user?
  19. I don't have the Galar Starters yet, so let's go catch them! It's livestream time!


    1. Pikachu0705


      How can you get a lot of pokemon?

      it is hard to find legendaries!

    2. Auke1993


      I can get a lot by being in an area where Pokémon appear a lot.
      Lots of hunting means lots more chances to find the Pokémon you want.

    3. Hardieboi
  20. Do you have any evidence about the scam? For example, do you have any screenshots of your conversations with this user?
  21. Normally the max health of a Pokémon is 400. This happens at level 100. To reach level 100 you need 50,000 total EXP on a Pokémon to reach level 100. However, Shiny Pokémon have 25% additional HP, giving them a total of 500 HP at level 100. Some Sidequest opponents can be higher in HP than 400 without being shiny, due to being of a higher level than 100. That's just for those special battles. Players cannot go above Level 100.
  22. All hail Lord Bidoof! Today we're playing Pokémon, but every Pokémon is a Bidoof!


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    2. foodviro2.0


      Oh XD I had to go before it watched it all

    3. Auke1993


      That makes sense.
      Outside of the intro and outro, the same video played 5x.

    4. foodviro2.0


      That was hilarious XD

  23. If the offer is of good value and I don't have the Pokémon you offered, there's a high chance I will accept your offer.
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