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        Remember my previous ideas? Yeah they were not as useful and unrealistic. So today I am making more ideas.

  • So first off move animations (if you can). Move animations could make pokémon vortex more realistically like the normal pokémon games.
  • Next up Gigantamaxing. I know I know, the gigantamax pokémon are likely coming soon but this could be a great addition to pokémon vortex “Hey what about the way to get them” A new town that has been closed near the dragon gym, The path would be like the victory road to lead to the “wyndon like” stadium for facing the semi finalists, finalists and champion (and possibly a dynamax adventure) Anyways the way to get the max soup is to go into a house of someone is victory road and ask them for max soup ( you have to give 3 max mushrooms like in the isle of armour to find it you must look in all the routes) and then choose the pokémon you want to gigantamax (that is able to) and boom you have a gigantamax pokémon.
  • And finally, flying taxi (oh well Pokémon vortex will turn into Pokémon sword and shield). Any who flying taxis would be able to bring you anywhere you went before which would be useful if you missed out on something in the past or you're grinding for legendarys,starters or and event pokémon
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Move animations would be cool, but I like the simplistic way it is now. It's its own charm. It'd probably also add quite a bit of recources to keep that running. I don't think it's needed.

I agree that it's taken a very long time for Gigantamax to be released. We still don't have it, and we're a generation further. I hope we'll have them obtainable soon.

A Teleport/Fly thing on the maps would be nice. Maybe for a price, maybe it's an 'X amount per day maximum' feature. With how big the map is, it could be really nice for someone who wants to go to the other side of the map for something.

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