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On 14/02/2024 at 11:53, Patrick said:

What browser are you using and can you show us a screenshot? @vasuxgupta

Hey! I'm also having this problem, I use mozilla firefox, and there are alot of ads that cover the game content :/


kind regards,



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  • Developer

I still need a screenshot please and thank you.

Preferably more than one of it occurring in more than one place in the game.


I was able to get a screenshot from someone else. This seems to only be an issue for mobile device players, which is understandable as the website was not made for and is currently not optimised for mobile devices.

There is a mobile optimisation version of the website planned for the future but until then, the adverts are dismissible by clicking the very tiny 'x' in the top right of the advert.

The only reason the dismiss option is so small is, again, because the main game website is not mobile optimised. You'll see the same vignette adverts here on the forums which is optimised for mobiles and the dismiss option is much larger.


I know this is not ideal and I do apologise if it's affecting your game experience. I will try and experiment with some options to make it less obtrusive for mobile players, if possible.

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