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I accidentally clicked on wonder trade of my shadow mewtwo and there was no way i could prevent it from vanishing. 

i quickly tried to logout to prevent the wonder trade but I lost my shadow mewtwo. 

is it possible to prevent the loss of important pokemons in the future? 

can we prevent our certain pokemons from wonder trades?

it would be great if we can opt out of wonder trades on certain pokemons or there maybe a switch to allow or disallow wonder trades(like the day and night time of maps). 

please help. 


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1 hour ago, Tyheamma said:

How about just don't click on 'Wonder Trade' on the pokemon you don't want to wonder trade lol.

I don't know whether you read my article properly or not, but anyways I had written the word "accidentally" which means that I had no intention of clicking on wonder trade. 

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