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Giratina Origin Scammer

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I received an in-game message from the user Huzaima who offered me a free Giratin Origin. He then told me: "hey if u want free origin its up on this email shown on my profile if u put this email on your profile u would be able to collect it tell me when u have done it and message me if it works."





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18 hours ago, glaceon001 said:

Very interesting..... People have messaged things like this to others, hope you didn't fall for it though. Hopefully this doesn't happen anymore though...

Nah, I didn't fall for it. I just hate that people try to do things like this. I hope he gets banned if anything. I don't know if it's against the rules or not, but at one poin this account did say that he was a testing account for Pokemon Vortex. He later changed it (I got screenshots though). 

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