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PikachuSeeing that many people are interested in getting Happiness trained I decided to give it a try too Pikachu

Rules Raichu

  1. All Global/Forum Rules Apply
  2. No Trading with others please
  3. My rates are negotiable but i feel you will find them fair :)
  4. I prefer training Togepis/Eevees because I am really good at leveling up their happiness
  5. I like bulk deals

Rates Roselia


 heart.png (Heart) = 1 Normal Legend or 1 Unique Pokemon I need

2   heart.pngheart.png (Hearts) = 2 Normal Legend or 3 Unique Pokemon I need

3   heart.pngheart.pngheart.png (Hearts) = 1 Unique Legend or 4 Unique Pokemon I need

4   heart.pngheart.pngheart.pngmaxheart.png  (Hearts) = 4 Normal Legend or 5 Unique Pokemon I need

Currently Training Munchlax


1. (Private Job)

2. Scheryar Saqib's Shiny Rioluto   heart.pngheart.pngheart.png

Completed Larvitar




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1 hour ago, eurstin said:

Are you @RevenGeRaz0r? If so, please give me back my shiny riolu... I know you have it. It is the one with the OT of darkxknight101. 

I'm not sure what you are asking but yes I did business with this vortex ign called RevenGeRaz0r ! I was promised a Genesect if I trained his Shiny Riolu to 3 hearts! I trained it but he isn't replying to my PMs so there is not much I can do!

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Oh, that makes sense now. Well he pretty much agreed to train my Shiny Riolu to 2 million exp for a genesect and a few other legendaries.  He asked for the genesect upfront, so it is my fault for agreeing to that. You can keep the riolu though. Sorry for the confusion :)

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