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  1. eurstin

    Unanswered Banned - Dont Know Why

    You cheated.
  2. eurstin

    Answered Prize

    You can also get Diglett (Christmas) from 24h eggs, although I've yet to hatch a unique.
  3. eurstin

    Giveaway Black and white giveaway

    1. Dratinilic 2. Bolt Strike, Dragon Rush, Electro Ball, Spark 3. All my Genesects 4. I thought a Meinfoo was a Mew when I first started. 5. Sidequest team: Dark Sableye (Mega), Dark Sableye (Mega), Dark Sableye (Mega), Mystic Sableye (Mega), Mystic Sableye (Mega), Mewtwo (Mega X) 6. eurstin Thanks a ton! And yes, ign stands for in game name.
  4. eurstin

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    Thanks! Offered on the Eternal.
  5. eurstin

    General Event egg

    And multiple accounts
  6. eurstin

    General Event egg

    You get an egg each day via the daily claim. You can get an egg each day until Dec 31. The event center is now unlocked, so you're able to incubate and hatch eggs.
  7. eurstin

    Answered I was banned

    You've had 2 months to learn from your mistake and start fresh, but you still want to get unbanned. You'll get ignored again. And you're spamming this on someone else's question. Nice.
  8. eurstin

    Answered A question about the current egg event

    You are currently able to claim an egg each day until the end of the month (Dec 31) The event center is now open, so you're able to incubate and hatch your eggs.
  9. eurstin

    Unanswered 30 minute egg

    Read the event page again. You probably didn't see this at the top.
  10. eurstin

    Christmas Hatchathon


    Yeah, as long as you log in to vortex.
  11. eurstin

    Christmas Hatchathon


    Diglett (Christmas) wasn't specifically mentioned, but I'm guessing both that and Pichu (Christmas) will obtainable through eggs.
  12. Got a 24 hour egg. Is that the most time, or are there eggs that hatch after a longer period of time?

    1. KYNO


      That's the most time

    2. waybig


      @eurstin how did u get it? Daily?

    3. porymon


      @waybig He laid it. 


  13. eurstin

    Christmas Hatchathon


    I'm guessing we can hatch Pichu (Christmas), as you'll be able to evolve them into Pikachu (Christmas). Pretty unique event. Props! As a sidenote, people are gonna abuse the daily claim as usual. Kinda sucks cause it's hard to enforce. Should be a good event regardless.
  14. eurstin

    Answered Arceus??

    At least you didn't skip a shiny arceus (dark) D: