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  1. There are a few clans on the forums, but there are a ton in game. Just check the online players list and looks at the different clan-tags.
  2. lmao what a legend almost forgot... 1508
  3. Looking for Offering + 1 normal leggy of your choice
  4. Both

    Yeah, that is what I have done, but it just takes forever to do. I'll just keep my legendaries in my account in the meantime lol
  5. Both

    There should be a button to put all your duplicates up for trade (button in game). I find it very time consuming to sift through my pokemon to put the dupes uft, so adding a button that would do it for me would help a lot.
  6. Universal

    Can I have your ign so I can offer
  7. Other

    It's a possibility that a steel eevee will be introduced to the game though. If that's the case, then it wouldn't be a fakemon
  8. Other

    I prefer og clash
  9. Other

    It's not a bad idea, especially if this article holds true:
  10. I think there should be an option to enter your IGN on your profile (A new box under the Skype username box when you edit your account). It's quite annoying when someone's forum account is different from their in game account, and you have to go through their posts to find their ign. Thanks for taking the time to read this
  11. Universal

    I should offer on your account cause I'm offering 4 pokemon What's your ign?
  12. I have a dark shieldon. I'll take the first offer for it Offer on ign: eurstin
  13. Universal

    + ++ for your + +(x1)
  14. As far as I know, the only poke I have that has a banned OT is my electric I'll offer now.