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  1. Contest Get 3 Z-Cells

    eurstin 1. Not sure if I did that correctly...
  2. Programing Forums Theme

    For those of you who want something new, here's a blue Forums theme I threw together. You need to install the Stylish extension/addon on Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Gallery Feel free to edit it however you please. I'm not taking any requests. If you want to change the color, check the link. I've provided the hex codes I used.
  3. Someone really want to be the supreme kutta I guess...



  4. Experience EXP & Legendaries Shop [GOOD RATES]

    Exp/Trade threads aren't original. Ya don't need to give anyone credit for them. On the topic of this, what do you mean by "any unique legend... for 3-8 Legends"? Do you want unique leggies or normal leggies for your uniques?
  5. Answered What's the value/cost of a Missingno??

    They are rare, but their value is slowly declining every day because of the Google+ Missingno. giveaways. A good trade is a unique Arceus (Water) for one. I'm not sure what a set would fetch.
  6. Idea a little idea

    I'm not sure if they will be organized by maps, but you will be able to sort them by type in V4.
  7. Answered What does OT mean?

    It stands for original trainer. The account that caught/claimed the pokemon is the OT.
  8. Report He wants to cidnarp my family

    Looks like he figured out another way...
  9. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    What are your rates?
  10. Vote for a new leader

    *blessed by pat*
  11. Answered when is v4 coming

    Eventually. There's no set date for v4.
  12. sMSBfO.jpg

    I call for anarchy