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  1. Report box scam

    mw21, aka laoboy, aka Jorieo. He's a known scammer. Hopefully he's dealt with
  2. How do I catch legendary Pokémon? Legendary Pokémon will appear randomly on the maps, only after you have defeated all gym leaders, elite 4's, champions, Hoenn/Sinnoh battle frontiers and the Battle Maison excluding Events or Sidequests. Check the wiki for other questions you likely have. Now if you're asking how to get your pokemon to level 130, you can't. Gym leaders (and Patrick) can have them, but normal users can't. To get your pokemon to level 100, use training acocunts.
  3. How come people have Arceus Ice forms? Did I miss an event?

    1. Eeveelutions8


      yes there was an event

      during Christmas, there was an event in which there was-


      double experience from all trainer battles

      Arceus ice could be found on ice mapsArceus (Ice)

      diglett Christmas could be evolved into dugtrio ChristmasDiglett (Christmas)Dugtrio (Christmas)

      diglett Christmas could be obtained from mystery boxesDiglett (Christmas)

    2. eurstin


      Well I chose a great time to take a break ;( 

      Thanks for updating me.

    3. Eeveelutions8


      haha. well you can get an arceus ice from auctions or trade, thousands of people caught them. :^_^:



    My thoughts exactly
  5. Answered Seasonal Top Trainers

    To be on the seasonal top trainers list, could we do both clan battles AND trainer battles or is it just clan battles? -You can do either one or both. As far as I know, any battle counts. Could we catch normal pokemon or do they all have to be unique? -Any pokemon count towards your seasonal number. Dupes also count. Do we get points for evolving pokemon we already had? -I'd think so, as dupes count. I wouldn't recommend this though, as catching dupes on the map is much more efficient. Do we get points for buying Pokemon off auction? -You get as many points as you would for catching a map Pokemon. The exp on the Pokemon might give you more points though. Is there a way to see how much points we earned this month? -If you are on the top 100, just check the leaderboards in-game. If you aren't on the top 100 and you'd like to see your placement, go on Discord and use the !card command. It should tell you your placement, but not the exact points.
  6. Giveaway Rotom (Spin) giveaway.

    eurstin thx
  7. Legendaries Trade Thread

    I don't need that, nor do I have one. I just need the Phione, and I'm not trading a normal mega Diancie.
  8. Legendaries Trade Thread

    None that I want to trade. Do you want a dark/mystic arceus?
  9. Legendaries Trade Thread

    Deal. Where should I offer? I don't need the groudon, but I can offer a shadow groudon for the mewtwo. Please tell me where to offer it it's a deal.
  10. Final thread for a new leader of clan (I swear)

    Looks like sneeze and kaylum tied. Who's the new leader?
  11. Legendaries Trade Thread

    V4 is pretty nice. Now give me leggies pls comic sans is a good font fyi Here are the rates. Normal Dark=Metallic=Mystic Shadow=Shiny 1:1 for leggies 1:3 for my cosmog/cosmoem for a unique leggy Eons/Megas/"Rare" Leggies are negotiable Things I need (if you don't have these, don't bother asking for my pokemon) Things I have
  12. Answered how to capture an ultra beast?

    No. You need to 100% complete sidequests.(1871 battles)