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  1. eurstin

    Answered MLPF relations?

    Idk what MLPF is but I'd think both were powered by Invision
  2. E30vBQ.jpg

    I thought my language was changed to Korean lmao. This goes on for 4 pages under the bug tag xD

    1. eurstin


      Now they each have made abour 1.3k posts. Feelsbadman

  3. eurstin

    Answered catching pokemon

    If you're asking if there's any quicker way of catching normal pokemon (implying you don't have the patience to go on a map for a few seconds), I don't think the game is for you. Just put a decently trained pokemon on your team(preferably level 50+), go on a map, and catch a pokemon. Not trying to be rude, just not sure how else to answer that. Now if you're talking about catching legendary pokemon quickly , like XeuzAK said, you can win them from auctions for relatively low prices.
  4. eurstin

    Report Someone took my account

    I know hindsight's 20/20, but you should've changed the password before doing anything on the account. Hope you can recover the pokemon
  5. eurstin

    Resolved Pokemon vortex!!!!

    It's not a bug. You were caught cheating. You know why you got banned. Don't cheat on your current account or it will also be "mysteriously" be banned.
  6. eurstin

    Answered Level 5 Pokemon..

    The money varies, but you'll get 60k exp if you defeat a training account in one try.
  7. eurstin

    Answered Level 5 Pokemon..

    In V4, the lowest level you can encounter is level 6. In V3 and all previous versions, it was level 5. It's not a bug, but you can't catch any new level 5 pokemon. Personally, I think it's kinda cool to have level 5 pokemon, so I've left some of mine untrained.
  8. eurstin

    Answered Location guide access is denied

    It was moved over to the wiki. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location
  9. eurstin

    General Question for older players

    Auke makes some good points, and I would add that you should limit the time you spend on the game each day. I was in the same boat with you. When I was really into the game, I'd spend hours each day grinding and looking for pokemon on the maps. I got to a point where I completely lost interest in the game for a few months. After that long break, I became interested in the game once again. My advice would be to play casually, and not spend hours each day on the game. I currently check my account once every few days (I do check the forums daily though) and am perfectly satisfied with it. Moral of the story: Don't overplay the game, take breaks, and you'll enjoy it alot more than before (and for alot longer than before). Oh yeah, and welcome back
  10. eurstin

    General Meltan

    Looks like a nut glued onto the Pillsbury Doughboy's body lmao
  11. Just noticed the recently browsing feature at the bottom of posts. Makes it easier to stalk people, pretty cool ^_^


  12. eurstin

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    The encounter rate for a UB is low to start with. This event just makes it relatively easier to find, meaning it's still hard to find UB's.
  13. It won't happen. I didn't catch my budews with masterballs for nothing
  14. eurstin

    Giveaway (closed) Shiny Mega Latios Giveaway

    eurstin much thanks