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  1. eurstin

    Unanswered Old account

    If by old, you mean before V3, that account is long gone, as all accounts were wiped when V3 was released. If it was made during V3, just click the forgot your password link on the vortex login menu and follow the steps.
  2. eurstin

    Giveaway final giveaway

    @sportsandmusic69 ^
  3. eurstin

    Giveaway final giveaway

    Wish you luck with your life. ign: eurstin Much appreciated!
  4. eurstin

    General New movies

    https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/ash-and-pikachu-return-to-the-big-screen/ Post the link, don't copy paste lmao
  5. Bye xD

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    2. VITOL


      RIP my Zweilous 

    3. VITOL



      human now u know to never give valuables pokes to untrusted humans and more if they want to "train" them :/

    4. unknown_citizen



      Well, I'll try to catch a myst. Marill with a :DiveBall:(since uniqueMarillr available on maps) during this week...

  6. Offered. Thanks for the quick job!
  7. eurstin

    Legendaries Groudon (Primal)

    Don't make a new thread to trade for one pokemon. Use the universal trade thread instead. Also, use a spoiler for long lists like these.
  8. eurstin

    Feedback Request To Update Maps........

    @porymon but @patrick this is my idea..... No copyright cause it's his idea
  9. eurstin

    Resolved Social Profiles Character Limit

    You could try removing the protocol (https) and use the link www.youtube.com/EternalSeito That should work.
  10. Yeah, 3 mill exact would be great. I wasn't sure if you'd do it free of charge which is why I asked. Thanks alot!
  11. Ah, my bad. Ignore the normal latios mega. I meant to say metallic latios mega x2. If that's ok, I'll offer the budew rn (so that would be 2.8m) The budew has 280k already, so I'd be fine if you just trained it a bit under 3 mill so I can even the exp out. Thanks!
  12. Dark Latias (Mega), Latias (Mega), Metallic Latias (Mega), Metallic Latios (Mega), Shadow Xerneas (Active), Metallic Dialga x2, Dark Dialga and Mystic Giratina would get me 2.8 million, but could you train 2 million on my togeween? It takes 2 hits to kill a pokemon, so it will take longer. If you can't do that, I'd like 2.8 on my metallic budew.
  13. eurstin

    General TRAINER BLUEBOY (training hit)

    You need rates for training. If you're new, look at other people's rates for reference.
  14. eurstin

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    @Yousy-RT Are you the OT of the Shadow Water?
  15. eurstin

    Idea 6 12 24 48 hours event ticket

    Not so sure how I feel about the idea, but the way to get tickets isn't ideal. People can easily make new accounts and beat gyms and other things to get tickets, and can trade events to their main accounts.