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  1. Giveaway Porygon (hammer) giveaway !

    altstin thanks
  2. Unanswered Can't talk in the Discord server

    Try contacting Discord staff. I had the same problem and emailed support. I got a reply back a few days later, and within a week, my account was verified.
  3. Discussion Pokemon's bond

    Why did ya reply to your own comment?
  4. Discussion Tips to be a great trainer

    You need to make sure people can understand you
  5. Answered High Experience Pokemon

    They use training accounts to get the maximum exp from a battle, but yeah, it's a lot of grinding. You can also have other people train them for you, which would make the task a bit easier (although it's risky to have someone train a pokemon with high exp already on it).
  6. ign: altstin clan: Petya rank: co (I think) Thanks
  7. Both auction cancelation

    You can't cancel an auction once it's started. Hopefully people will bid it up to the price you want
  8. Discussion Hi I am from Indonesia

    Welcome to the game. You can introduce yourself here rather than creating a whole new post.
  9. It was nice talking to ya ign: altstin
  10. Unanswered Forgot Username

    What do you mean by "a while ago"? Do you mean over 5 3 years ago? If so, all accounts were deleted and vortex v3 was a fresh start. (V3 was released around late 2014)
  11. Anyone here celebrated annoy squidward day?

  12. Report hopeless case

    You can make as many accounts in game as you'd like. As for the harassment, just don't reply to the person. They'll get bored and move on to the next person.