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  1. Universal

    Yeah, take as much time as you need. You could also check Godswithin's account (Vigilance) cause I'm getting some uniques trained to level 30.
  2. Bug

    I'm not sure if the staff is aware of this, but it seems like the Sevii Islands sidqeuests ends early. I just finished them, and my battle count was at 307 instead of 311. Then when I moved onto TCG Islands, the missing trainers from Sevii were added to the beginning of it.
  3. Giveaway

    eurstin Happy birthday!
  4. Is it just me, or is everyone calling their training shops "shoppe"? I blame @GodsWithin;) 

    1. GodsWithin


      Bring out the pitchforks and torches eh?

    2. Tyrexx


      It looks "Cool". But, yeah, I blame @GodsWithin too. :P


  5. Programing

    Thanks for notifying me. I fixed the code, so it should be better now. (just copy/paste the code again)
  6. Game

    Necroposting Grammar is your strong-suit
  7. Universal

    Hmmmm... What if I threw in the metallic and shadow Kyogre primals?
  8. Universal

    Yep. Have you already made the list?
  9. Universal

    K, apparently you were undershooting the amount of uniques you could get lol. If your list is long enough, feel free to choose around 100.
  10. Unanswered

    That's good to know Some of my buttons are a little buggy, so feel free to modify it. After all, it's pretty much yours. Welcome back lol
  11. Game

    pls no sphorts, i beg of u juan
  12. Game

  13. Unanswered version go to the 5th thing down (my status update), and the 7th status update. If that doesn't answer your questions, probably contact Pat. Also, I wasn't able to ask you earlier, but are you ok with this theme? I gave you credit where I could. If you want me to remove it, just tell me
  14. Universal

    It still hasn't been answered It works fine, but only if you are looking to make a fair deal for both parties as opposed to a beneficial deal for one party. If you are looking to see if a deal is stupidly good, just pm someone you trust.
  15. Universal

    If it's cool with you, I'd like to wait and see what people say is fair on the advice thread. I also need to get to bed, as it's almost midnight where I am I'll get back to you in about 12-13 hours. gn Even if people say 51 is too much, I'll still probs end up giving the rest to you, cause I am interested in your other events and stuff