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  1. eurstin

    Game Count to 1 billion!

  2. eurstin

    Answered Money In Battle.

    I forgot the max cash you could get from a battle, but you can get 60k exp from using a level 5 on a training account. SInce level 5 pokemon are no longer obtainable in v4, the most you can now get is 50k exp from a level 6. Theoretically, the greatest amount would be 120k if you used a level 5 on a double exp day.
  3. sooo I guess there is no Star Wars event this year?

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    2. Auke1993


      This video will show you what happened for the Star Wars event.


    3. eurstin


      Well that sucks :/

      I asked this on the 5th, not the 6th @Auke1993. Usually, I'm able to claim events a day after they technically end, which is why I asked this a day late. 

      Thanks for the answers.

    4. Auke1993


      I see.
      I didn't notice the gap between the post and the first reply.

  4. eurstin

    Giveaway The CiTiZeN's Giveaway #3 (Deoxys Form)

    1. Not sure if I'm even in moonlit anymore tbh 2. Shiny Digmas with 7,777,777 I think 3. altstin 4. What's a Deoxys form? thanks as always
  5. eurstin

    Experience [CLOSED] Train Pokemon [CLOSED]

    What about Croagunk?
  6. eurstin

    Discussion Last seconders

    Bidding was never about trading. Last second bidding is a normal part of bidding. If it is really irritating, just last second bid yourself.
  7. eurstin

    Experience [CLOSED] Train Pokemon [CLOSED]

    Cleffa, Murkrow, Bouffalant, Bronzor, and Carbink for 1m? You can train it on any pokemon you want
  8. eurstin

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    @Harris07 double/triple posting is when you reply to something twice or three times in a row without waiting for someone to reply. Like what you just did again lmao If you want to add something to what you said, just edit the first reply rather than making more.
  9. eurstin

    Idea A Bidoof Event (Idea)

    Needs less Bidoof, more Budew
  10. eurstin

    Experience [CLOSED] Train Pokemon [CLOSED]

    hol up, 1 mill for five normal non-legendaries? I don't see how any profit can be made
  11. eurstin


    I love you Pretty sure I convinced you and complimented you at the same time
  12. Sick Boiii :)



    1. eurstin


      meh chainsmokers are overrated