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The final part of the Super Secret Event is now available where you can evolve your Spewpa's into the two previously unreleased Vivillon forms, Vivillon (Pokeball) and Vivillon (Fancy).

You can do this in the event center providing you AND the community have enough trades to meet their milestones.

You do not need an event ticket to unlock the event center, just press unlock and it will open without a ticket.

Enjoy everyone, and keep working on those trades together.


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The personal and community milestones have been adjusted.

Now to obtain the last two Vivillon (Fancy) forms, you will only have to meet two personal milestones, regardless of community milestones.

The two new personal milestones are as follows:

  • 1,200 Trades - Shadow Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 2,000 Trades - Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)

All milestones below these are unaffected and remain the same. Obviously, on the side of this you will still need to have the correct type of Spewpa to evolve into the Vivillon Form.

Event ends tomorrow, as previously planned.

Hopefully this change will help the people who originally helped tremendously with getting the community trades where they are now so well done to those people.

Good luck everyone, only ~24 hours left.

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