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Some Minor Improvements

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I noticed that if you select a pokemon other than the first one in your team to battle and then when you kill the opponents pokemon, it will go back to the pokemon selection screen but your first pokemon will be selected again. In short, it doesn't remember which pokemon you selected.


I also noticed that hitting enter in a textbox does not perform the action, you have to manually click the button. When I, for example, want to search for a pokemon and I type "Gengar" and hit the Enter key nothing happens, I have to click on the search button manually.


Sometimes it's hard to select a pokemon as the radiobutton is so small. Maybe you can make it so that when you click on the sprite it also selects the pokemon instead of only clicking on the radiobutton.


When you encounter a wild pokemon, and after defeating/catching it, you get back to the map but you get to a random position. This is annoying if you were in, for example, the water and get spawned on the land. Its a minor annoyance.


I also noticed that I can still buy, for example, pokeballs even though I already own the maximum amount of 255. So money gets removed from my account but I don't gain pokeballs.


I noticed pokemon can't have multiple status effects when in battle.


I could not find out how to remove pokemon that i have up for trade so I can put them back in my team.


And last but not least, in wild pokemon battles moves are not remembered. So if I use the third move of my Pokemon's moveset, it will select the first move again automatically when its time to select another move.  I know these are small things but I dont think they would be hard to add and I think they would add a lot to the game.


And as for a feature suggestion: I would like to be able to organize the moves of my pokemon. I want to be able move moves up and down in the moveset of a pokemon. This is useful if you have a pokemon for a particular move but have to manually select it each time because its not in the top of the list.


Another feature suggestion: Sort all pokemon by level as well instead of just name and exp.

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