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Mystery Man's Trading Thread

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Welcome to my trade thread :



  1. All forums and global rules apply.
  2. No advertisement on my thread as well as trading with others is strictly prohibited.
  3. No fighting.
  4. A no is no , though negotiations can take place.


     My ign: sweswe


    What I am trading :


 Arceusx4 Cobalionx5 Deoxysx5Dialgax8Dianciex2Genesectx3Groudonx4Jirachix4Kyuremx3Landorusx9MewtwoPalkiax5Regigigasx5Regirockx8Registeelx6Reshiramx4Virizionx2Zekromx4Zygardex4


Dark DeoxysDark GenesectDark PalkiaDark RegirockDark RegisteelDark Reshiram x2 Dark Zygarde x2 



Metallic CobalionMetallic Deoxysx2Metallic DialgaMetallic PalkiaMetallic RegigigasMetallic ReshiramMetallic Virizion


Mystic ArceusMystic DeoxysMystic DiancieMystic GenesectMystic GroudonMystic Landorusx2Mystic MewtwoMystic PalkiaMystic Regigigasx2Mystic RegirockMystic Reshiramx2Mystic Terrakion



Shadow ArceusShadow CobalionShadow Genesectx2Shadow Groudonx3Shadow Jirachix2Shadow Landorusx2Shadow PalkiaShadow Regigigasx2Shadow ReshiramShadow TerrakionShadow VirizionShadow Dialga



Shiny Arceusx2Shiny CobalionShiny JirachiShiny Landorusx3\Shiny RegigigasShiny ReshiramShiny ZygardeShiny Virizion


CranidosShiny Cranidosx2Mystic OmanyteAerodactyl


Togepi (Halloween)Diglett (Christmas)Dark Kyurem (Black)

Looking For:

Shiny RayquazaShiny GroudonShiny DialgaShiny MewtwoShiny Palkiaand exp ( OT should not be banned )......


normal legend 200k exp

normal rare legend 300k exp

unique legend 400k exp

unique rare legend 600k exp

shiny legend 600k exp

shiny rare legend 700k exp

Note: rates were inspired from @VITOL hope u dont mind.

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17 minutes ago, Karol Pawlowski said:

if your making a trading thread you should also mention what you want or need


11 minutes ago, Karol Pawlowski said:

what would you want for a shiny cranidos or shiny arceus

Donot double post.... and idk what i want fr all those just mention pokes.... and shiny arceus or fr shinyt cranidos just tell me ur ign ill look thru and tell.

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than look thorugh the pokes on my trade list and tell me what you want

mainly wanting the arceus

Edited by Karol Pawlowski
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