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Hey all. I caught a metallic Dedenne. I threw the ball it said "This pokemon has been caught!" and I went to put it UFT and it wasn't in with the other Mons not in my party. I shrugged, figuring it was my shoddy connection due to weather making the site load wrong/slow and put it out of mind.

But, just now, after I got the connection up and running again, I checked my dex and it doesn't show the pokeball saying I caught it.

This bugs me because I technically wasted 10K worth of balls to catch it.

Anybody else have this happen?

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After seeing the message 'This Pokémon has been caught', you have to click on 'Continue'.
Once you've done that, the capture will be registered.


Unfortunately, it sounds like you've not done so, which means the game never treated the Metallic Dedenne as caught.
It's not a bug. It seems like you forgot or misunderstood how this capture works.
For clarification, to my knowledge the game always registers your victory and the things that come with ti on the screen where you can choose things as 'View/Modity Team' , 'View All Pokémon' and 'View this Pokémon'.
For catching Pokémon this is after clicking 'Continue' when the catch message shows up.

When winning a battle, whether against a Wild Pokémon or a Trainer, you have to click 'Continue' once after the last Pokémon has been knocked out. That way, the EXP and Money you gain shows up, and the game registers the victory and the things you gained from it.

So for the future, please remember always to click 'Continue' after catching a Pokémon or winning a battle.

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