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I will be doing a training for events/dps/rare or unique legends. I could probably get 500k xp on a good day.


pokes I’m especially looking for and how much do I’m willing to give for them:

arceus ice= 2.8-3.3mil xp

unique arceus ice= 9-12mil xp

ultra beast= 2-3mil xp

unique ultra beast= 4-5mil xp

donation pokes= 17-19mil xp

unique dps= 19-22mil xp

rotomween= 1.8- 2.5

unique rotomween=3.5-4.3mil xp

kyurem black/white= 3.8- 4.5mil xp

unique kyurem black/white= 5.5- 6.8mil xp 

Other arceus forms= 10-15mil xp (depending on which one)

other arceus forms unique= 19-22mil xp

Zygarde complete= 5- 6mil xp

Zygarde Partial= 1.5- 2mil xp (as its a second addition poke)

unique zygarde partial= 3- 3.8mil xp

Cosmog= 750k- 1mil xp


for negotiations or requests post in this thread or message me on ign: IKmaster100



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Just now, SomeoneImportant said:

ur unqiue ice and other arceus form prices have me dying lol u may want to re evaluate them

this lol...try trading a bit more to know the real rates

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5 hours ago, SomeoneImportant said:

if im not mistaken unique ice roughly 12-15m

unique electrics like 18-20m

waters well ppl were offering 3dps on discord and no1 would sell so  0.0 id say least 30m

all this is interms of pokemoney

Thnx for info, have updated tell me if there still is anything underpriced::3:

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14 minutes ago, Dheerajandpavan said:

dark genesect , dark xernes active , dark landourous,  dark zapdos, dialgax2 ,palkia,genesect x2, mespritx2,azelfx2,uxie, metallic celebi , metallic suicine, metallic zapdos ,mystic regirock,shadow uxie,shiny zapdos, zapdos x 2 ? how much exp ?


So do u want to do it for 7.5mil?

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