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False Swipe Move

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So I bought the move False Swipe for my 589 to use to hunt low level Pokemon without killing them like in the Pokemon Games, which is supposed to leave the opposing Pokemon with only 1 HP, but when I started a battle to test it out, It did 67 damage and killed the Pokemon. I suppose this is an error? I would appreciate it if this got fixed. Thank you for your time.  https://imgur.com/a/PpdX8 (Screenshot of it)

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In Pokémon Vortex, all moves have a base power, and that's it.
The only side effects moves may have is a chance to inflict a status ailment, such as Paralysis from Thunderbolt or Burn from Flamethrower.
All other side effects, such as Hyper Beam's turn recharge, Superpower's ATK and DEF lowering and Falsw Swipe not being able to KO a Pokémon do not exist in Pokémon Vortex.

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