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Hi so I got a couple of legends which I am looking to trade for your experience


So my stuff :


Dark Legends -


Dark EnteiDark JirachiDark KeldeoDark LugiaDark MoltresDark PalkiaDark Shaymin (Sky)Dark UxieDark Xerneas (Active)

Metallic Legends -


Metallic ArticunoMetallic CelebiMetallic DarkraiMetallic DeoxysMetallic DiancieMetallic GenesectMetallic KyuremMetallic LandorusMetallic PhioneMetallic RegiceMetallic RegigigasMetallic Shaymin (Sky)Metallic SuicuneMetallic TornadusMetallic VirizionMetallic Xerneas (Active)Metallic Zygarde

Mystic Legends - 


Mystic ArticunoMystic CelebiMystic DiancieMystic CobalionMystic ManaphyMystic MoltresMystic RegisteelMystic ReshiramMystic Shaymin (Sky)Mystic Zekrom

Shadow Legends - 


Shadow CresseliaShadow DarkraiShadow EnteiShadow GenesectShadow Ho-ohShadow MoltresShadow PalkiaShadow RaikouShadow RegigigasShadow RegirockShadow RegisteelShadow ReshiramShadow ShayminShadow SuicuneShadow VirizionShadow Zygarde

Shiny Legends - 


Shiny DiancieShiny ShayminShiny Tornadus


Rates - 

Dark , metallic , mystic and shadow legends - 500 k exp

Shiny legends - 750 k exp 


IGN - SuperKool

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