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Account hacked

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3 hours ago, Metallic-Wolf said:

Is There any "Proof" he you have untill u have some proof of some messages or anything admins will not be able to help you

Well there are two people who know that this has happened: 

1st johnnybonne himself

And 2nd his friend. I don't remember his full ign but it was something Mitchel. 

So I say you can ask johnnybonne himself but in the game not through the forums I don't think he has used a forum's account.

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lmtsy is the member who have hacked my account and took all my pokemon, legendary and 100 level, and replaced with low level ones, almost 100 of them, proof is he has all my pokemon, in his acoount, as we can see the orginal trainer name.... what can be done.... he used two accounts, anuhari lmtsy to transfer all my pokemon.....

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