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  1. Update on the update:

    Everything is running smoothly, it turned out there were a LOT more banned Pokemon in the trade system than I thought which took a while to remove (But at least we have a clean trade system now, right?)
    So all banned Pokemon have been removed from trade and trade offers.

    All glitched Primal Pokemon have been removed.

    All Pokemon have had their count adjusted to not include banned ones.

    The database has been migrated to version 4 and so far seems to run fine. (I caught a Shiny Gligar ~yay)

    Still a bit more to do but it's getting nearer, thank you for being patient during the wait, I know it's been long.


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    2. DannyV


      so i logged in and i lost 2 donation pokemon why is that?? 


      nvmd i just checked all my pokemon sorry bout that... lol getting used to the new things 

    3. Nutella Navigator
    4. narayan393


      v 4 is awesome pat but the only prob i have is the removal of the day & night options, i know u want people to visit the site as often as they can but what about people with jobs, this could be their stress buster for the day. The choice to catch day & night pokemon, now its gone. crap :(