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  1. I can give you one if you like, but I don’t think Junimo has one up for trade
  2. I have 2 more offers, please accept
  3. Please accept my offers of a Blipbug for the Manectric Lvl 100 and a Dreepy for the Shiftry Lvl 100
  4. A random Pokémon caught because Pokémon vortex doesnt let you trade for free
  5. Wishiwashi (school) and mega beedrill for zygarde cell (I’ll offer zygarde for wishiwashi and a trash mon for mega beedrill, accept both)
  6. I made some other offers, will you accept them? (PS: my IGN is Awesoman31, in case you forgot)
  7. Is the giveaway over or what?
  8. I want Gallade. If Gallade is taken, Obstagoon. If it’s taken then Rotom. If they’re all taken, then any mega or mythical/legendary. If still taken, any final evolution. IGN is Awesoman31
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