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  1. Shadow landorus therian giveaway Enter here following comment 1. Please put your ign Tomorrow the giveaway will end.
  2. Come on talk me df I don’t against rules discord 

    come on 

    1. Patrick


      You're not even banned just rejoin. You were kicked by one of the moderators - I don't know why so don't ask me. I don't moderate Discord so please stop spamming my forum profile.

  3. Unbanned me to discord wth


  4. Ign: JSF I’m still training jitsu jitu and Mma lol and thanks for giveaway!
  5. ign JSF and Nash i will never forget you :c and we will miss you!
  6. Looking for: Shadow Abomasnow Shadow Abomasnow (Mega) Shadow Abra Shadow Absol (Mega) Shadow Accelgor Shadow Aegislash (Shield) Shadow Aerodactyl (Mega) Shadow Aggron Shadow Aipom Shadow Alakazam (Mega) Shadow Alomomola Shadow Altaria Shadow Altaria (Mega) Shadow Amaura Shadow Ambipom Shadow Amoonguss Shadow Ampharos Shadow Ampharos (Mega) Shadow Anorith Shadow Araquanid Shadow Arbok Shadow Arcanine Shadow Archen Shadow Archeops Shadow Ariados Shadow Ar
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