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  1. Hello Everyone, Firstly sorry for the unresponsiveness, I am no longer playing this game frequently and will be playing during events only it seems (this may change in the future but is how I will play currently) With that said, I will be playing for a few days now for the May 4th Event and maybe a few days after, so now is the time to trade or W/E.
  2. is it a givaway or no.

  3. @Balthie Shiny... Celebi = 20 immunes, Dratini = 12, Glaceon = 15, Piplup = 10, Rowlet = 15, Snivy = 10 Not interested in your trade for my eeveemas @Sage_Unu 15 for shiny shaymin is fine you are welcome
  4. 20 approved immunes. Or Pokemon on my want list Your profile doesnt have anything
  5. I had to decline because some of the pokemon were not on my list... Also there is no need to tell me you offered. I will see it when I log on and immediately accept or decline. This will be the last time I tell you my decision (you can see if an offer was declined or accepted by simply checking your "feed". On PC it is the same task bar as your instant messenger)
  6. Gible is not an immune... or on my list also you disliked my Post on accident it seems
  7. Please Read Everything Before Offering/Asking Questions Everything in the drop-downlist below My Trades is what I have up for Trade. All Normal Legendaries and Normal Rares are traded for 2 lvl 6 pokemon from my "Approved lvl 6 Immunes" list below.
  8. Sorry current prices show it out values the 20 pokemon trading limit. So not going to trade it for immunes. All Pokemon in this drop-downlist below Approved lvl 6 Immunes are easily obtained and can be used to trade for Pokemon in "My Trades". When traded they MUST BE: 1. On the List (IDC if they are all the same/Unique) 2. lvl 6 or lower I wouldnt have wrote this if it wasnt a rule...
  9. yeah man there is no need to comment that many times... If I tell you a price, just offer
  10. literally on the first couple sentences dude... Please Read Everything Before Offering/Asking Questions Everything in the "Event, Promo, & Ultra Beast Pokemon" is ONLY for "Pokemon I Want".
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