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  1. 1. Were the Spawn Rates for Basic, Rare, Legendary, and Ultra Beast changed from V4? - Even if the Rates weren't changed, I think it would be helpful to change the current Wiki article as the "Every Step" and "Encounter Step" mechanic of the game has changed to "cooldown" mechanic. Wiki Article: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Map_Encounter_Rates 2. Were the Spawn Rates for the 6 Unique Variants (Normal, Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow, Shiny) changed? - This is something unclarified when comparing the "Map Encounter Rate" to the "Map Help" wiki article. The "Map Help"
  2. With current prices how they are... No thank you. Besides I would like to trade those for pokemon I want
  3. @Patrick @flamescape Has the Ecountered Step % for Basic, Rare, Legendary, and Ultra Beast Pokemon Changed from the chance % before? Where the chance % changed for Shiny, Shadow, Normal, Metallic, Mystic, and Dark? * I ask because in the V5 Map Wiki article it states... Each have varying degrees of appearance rarity: Normal (most common) Dark, Mystic, Metallic (rarer) Shiny, Shadow (rarest)
  4. Under the "Your Account" tab. Click "Item Inventory". On that page on the right side under "Your Inventory" will say "Promo Codes" click that. It should be in their.
  5. If it follows the Trade Rate. Please Just offer. Only time I need to discuss what is acceptable if it is a unique rare or legendary
  6. No. I am would only want something on my need list or 20 lvl 6 approved immunes
  7. No, they can be the same. They all just have to be on the Approved lvl 6 Immune list and also be lvl 6
  8. The purpose of this Idea/Feedback is to come up with an ease of life solution to Lowering Map Pokemon's Health The current system we have is to have Pokemon with weak attacks and low level Pokemon attack map Pokemon in order to lower their health for an easy capture in a Pokeball. The problem with this is that lvl 100 pokemon can do a minimum of 25dmg (from what I have found) and low level Pokemon die much to quickly, are difficult to understand their damage threshold, and in the case you kill the pokemon now the level is increased and has a different damage role. * I p
  9. The Trade Rate is on the first page. Its not up to me, its up to you what you want
  10. Yes some pokemon are not in my trades. This is because people offer dumb stuff on them too often, and it is bothersome. I am down for that trade, Could you message me in discord? Or PM me here in the forums, I should be available in a few hours
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