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  1. Im pretty sure its in the works with the new cannon pokemon game coming out this year (Doubt they would add more prizes to the sidequest pool) !MAYBE they might do another arceus form plate from Sinnoh with the release of Galar!
  2. TheBedPotato

    Answered Next Update

    I think what he meant was when are some quality of life changes going to happen (change team would be really nice) or even fixing the Gengar mega sprite LOL The sprite itself is not in need of fixing you are right Patrick. BUT the positioning of it does (wish I could post the pic. I made, but alas idk how). It is levitating off the ground, when in any cannon pokemon game Gengar Mega is firmly on the ground.
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    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    IGN: TheBedPotato I love making spread sheets for the variations of pokemon and fulfilling them with my own time and effort (little help from trades and auctions), seeing my points and rank go up, and pokemon in general you know, "Gotta Catch'em All".
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    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    IGN-TheBedPotato Congrats as well my dude. Thanks for the years of putting time, effort, and heart into this community
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    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN: TheBedPotato
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    Contest Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving #1

    TheBedPotato Thank you for your contribution to society