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    After a bad trade (with me on the lower end). Shadow understood the mistake and redid the trade.

  2. READ - ... So if your offer lines up with the Trade Rate below... OFFER RIGHT AWAY! (No need to ask) I am active and looking for these Pokemon all the time. Don't lose out. The wishlist was updated unfortunately
  3. @lrichards92 I have my wanted pokemon on my trade post. Along with what im willing to trade for them check it out:
  4. hover your mouse over it... also the color dude...
  5. Is it on the wishlist? That will answer your question
  6. Will previous events, ex. Kyurem Black or Previous Deoxys Plates, ever come back in the future as events? Or will they stay obtainable only by Mystery Box's? Is it worth hording the pokemon for these events...
  7. ... I have a wishlist... and a trade Rate key... I think your question is answered
  8. No... Its impossible... the very explaining of your question outscales life itself and the theorizing of answering it would brake the timeline
  9. Trade Rate ... 3 Wishlist Pokemon = 1 Unique Legendary/Rare 2 More whishlist pokemon and yes
  10. As long as the burmy is a male yes. offer away please
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