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  1. This person trade from everone and never gives back any promo codes & after that from his account he trades all the pokemons to some other account.
  2. Account should be Permanently Banned for User Schwull
  3. Hi Patrick,


    The Account 'schwull" is fooling every user on Pokemon vortex by offering trade + different promo codes deal & after trading he go offline and does not reply back. So kindly request you to Banned this account permanently so that there is no more such case reported to you.


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    2. VITOL


      how do u know he does it to 'every user'?

    3. Kedar2015


      You can see the Sammers report

    4. Kedar2015


      i already posted the screenshots. It doesn't matter if a pokemon goes since it is just a game. But the person should be taught a lesson.

  4. Kedar2015

    The Fighting God


    Completed 1000 battles from last 4 days no sign of any plate ?
  5. How to Change the Form if we get the Fist Plate

    1. Auke1993


      You can change the form in the Event Center.

  6. Kedar2015

    The Fighting God


    How does this work ? How to change form ?
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