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  1. mot

    Olay Yardım

    Bunu söylediğim için üzgünüm ama yanılıyorsun. Yöneticiler doğru olanı yaptılar
  2. mot

    Answered Pokeblock

    1.You might have either list the auction and didn't notice it. 2. There might be some bug. Try contacting to a admin and make a forum post in 'repot bugs and errors'. These might have helped you.
  3. Orhankiris The accounts which have been banned due to bot have a very rare possibility of being unbanned until you have a proper proof. According to me botted accounts would never be unbanned at any situation by the admins. The only hope you have is start playing all over from the start and without bot.
  4. mot

    Answered Problem

    If your using it in mobile, then check it here https://ibb.co/hR4znP2 And if you are using it in desktop then check it here https://ibb.co/r0CZWtS *Check the small arrow at the bottom right side
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