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  1. ok well the people eligible to win are iweimax0524,toomuchdrip,kingxion,brokeboi and caotain cam 1 (followers are automatically entered for my first giveaway)
  2. there u go now if no one else answers then u automatically win if someone else does do the quiz then you atleast have a shot to win
  3. i cant make more posts on my other accunt so ill have to say here(my other account is nfl0) u got 1 and 3 and 5 wrong ill give u a nother chance tho hint(1) b_r_ _ hint (3) its one of these 2 :mew or arceus on number 5 anyone is allowed to know this ill give it to u guys my fav starter pokemon is bulbasaur so u need to get 1 and 3 right to have chance at mega charizard x
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