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  1. MeIsPlayer

    Universal TRADE

    Or I can take any leg except for: , , , , , ,,, please and thank you!
  2. MeIsPlayer

    Universal TRADE

    I can give a for or ?
  3. yo do you have mega rayquaza? I can offer a metallic ditto or I'll see what I can get?
  4. ok long ago at page 5 I found it, I'll offer a tapu or some other pokemon like darkrown maybe.
  5. I'll offer a dragonite. If that's fine with you And can you do it before 12pm today?
  6. So can I get zygarde complete if you have or a 50% but not 10% please, and normal Arceus. Please and thank you.
  7. really?!?!?!? man you better stop playing , You got perfect zygarde?
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