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  1. Oh I'm sorry, this was a little while ago and I've traded the litten since then.
  2. ... are you going to make an offer?
  3. i just took it down and then put it up again, can you see it now?
  4. WinonaMarie it's the same as my forum account
  5. Sorry everyone I think I'm done with trading for now, thank you for your offers.
  6. how about the ditto and eevee?
  7. I can do that! I'll put them up
  8. how about the litten and the rowlet?
  9. Deal! I'll put the Lugia up.
  10. ok nevermind! Upon coming back to it the problem seems to have fixed itself. I do still think something was wrong before, but maybe it was just a one-time error,
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