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  1. Sí, no soy español, pero puedo hablar español. ¿Quieres algo de mi lista de comercio? para eso es este foro.
  2. If its Crobat(You) for Cinderace(Me) then Ok! Cindercae is on trade.
  3. I want Shadow Charizard and Delphox. What do you want?
  4. I think all starters are worth more than 1 ub. I think 3
  5. I would like any DARK starter. etc: Dark Sceptile
  6. Um, sorry, no. Crobat is worth more than Kartana.
  7. This is also by Semihorizon so do not think it is from Rms701.
  8. I will trade anything except Shiny zeraora for the galarian birds
  9. If any of you want Shiny zeraora you will have to give something else that you pay
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