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  1. i have a mewtwo evo

    1. rms701


      I'm not looking for one, lol. 

  2. IGN: rms701 Thanks for giveaway! Hope For Meltan or Guzzlord
  3. Yeah, that's true. I just said that so you wouldn't bid on that auction. Sry.
  4. WINNERS! 10. @eeveecuteness won a 9. @ShinyGmaxPokemon won a 8. @Capitalization won a 7. @Glazio won a 6 @Es_Death won a 5. @Punz won a 4. @jamorant won a 3. @Fluffyz won a 2. @SemiHorizon won a 1. GRAND PRIZE GOES TO. @mudkipmud won a Good job to everyone who won! All the pokes are on trade. Please offer on account rmshorizon. If you do not claim your prize in 2 days, you can no longer be able to get it.
  5. Thanks for joining! We now have 10. And for all those who are not in, Im sorry, but you may be in on my next giveaway.
  6. Thank you guys for joining! I need 4 more people, and then I announce winners.
  7. Hello everyone! I am doing a giveaway. Nothing much. If you want to join, you know what to do. And, that's it. Will announce 10 winnera on 10/7/2021 at about 7:00 pm CST. Grand Prize: GL!
  8. Wow. I never really expected this.
  9. No, she said she won the meloetta, and now im giving it away. Which, she did not win meloetta.
  10. I said, you never won it. Show me the proof. Otherwise, ur scamming rn. LOL
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