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  1. Hello everybody, my clan MewMewMew, is recruiting new members for the clan. We are 13th place in all clans for season battles, and we are 3rd place for all grass type clans. Please join the clan. If you want to join, message either me, bluehunter93, Foro, or jooooiop
  2. i want either dark fennekin or muchlax.
  3. I can give you for shiny mudkip.
  4. To TheMagnezone No thank you, I aldready have all of those
  5. Inteleon would be around 1,000,000 If you don't have that much, I am looking for a Floette ( Eternal )
  6. To JimmyTheKing I will put up Golisopod for trade, you offer cosmog for it.
  7. To JimmyTheKing If you want Golisopod, i want either, only cosmog or shadow reshiram, zekrom samurott, and victini or if you don't want to give me any of those, i will put up golisopod for auction for about 1,000,000
  8. To ZekromPokeCatcher Cinderace would be about 500,000 Raichu would be 3,500,000
  9. Sorry, I've viewed your pokemon, and there is nothing that I like.
  10. Hello, I'm currently selling these legendaries/ rares. x5 I have 5 Seperiors. I have 2 Blazikens. x4 I have 4 Chandelures. Only 1 Inteleon ( Galar Only 1 Cinderace ( Galar Only 1 Ditto Only 1 Dragonite Only 1 Emboar Only 1 Ferrothorn Only 1 Golisopod Only 1 Infernape 1 Jolteon 1 Mega Latios ( No typo ) 1 Kyurem Only 1 I have 1 Zygarde Shiny Gyarados 1 1 Uxie 1 Torterra
  11. can i give you shiny coballion or munchlax for thundurus (therian)?
  12. Do you mean change team? If you do, this is how you do it. First, you hover above your account and go to the first one. Then press change team. Third, press all pokemon. Fourth, click on the pokemon you want to put on your team. Then, click the pokemon on your team that you want to take out. Then press switch. If you have any more questions, friend request me and join my clan, MewMewMew. We have 31 members so far Bye
  13. Hello friends, would anyone like to trade anything for riolu or munchlax, normal form?


    I will give legendary pokemon  like Tapu Bulu, Virizion, Ho-oh, Manaphy, etc;


    I really need both of these.


    I will give Jolteon if you want too.


    Thank you very much.


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