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  1. Use Decidueye or Gourgiest, and have someone train the hearts up. Hamarna is very good at it. He/she only asks for mega stones.
  2. Srsly? I mean, u can get all of those in the pokemart.
  3. U said everyone will win. I registered from my alt account, semihorizon. So, does everyone still win something?
  4. All forms of Mew are great! Good giveaway! IGN: rms701
  5. IGN: rms701 Hope for Kartana or Buzzwole! Nice pokes ur giving!
  6. Have a happy July 4th captaincam! Great giveaway prize! IGN: rms701
  7. IGN: rms701 Thx for giveaway! Hope for Kartana!
  8. Thx for giveaway! ign: rms701 P.S. I actually do follow you.
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