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  1. Okay. In case you'd like to trade, you can check the Pokemons that I've put up for trade & lemme know. You can message me in game, if you're interested. IGN - Friendsfromfuture
  2. I've listed a pokeball & the concerned pokemon as well. Apologies for the delay!
  3. Okay. I also have a dark. I'll put it up for trade & list a pokeball for the same.
  4. I've messaged you in game. Lemme know what you'd like.
  5. I'm selling a Shadow Serperior & a Metallic Serperior. IGN - Friendsfromfuture
  6. I would like a Shiny Marowak (Alolan).
  7. IGN - Friendsfromfuture My favorite Pokemons are Shiny Infernape & Shiny Zeraora.
  8. @Idkwhoa I've messaged you in game. Please respond back there itself. Lemme know.
  9. What is a donor account? Is it somebody that donates PKDs, items or Pokemons or is it something completely different? Anybody?
  10. I will keep it. If I have a spare, I'll either do a trade or a giveaway.
  11. IGN - Friendsfromfuture Thank you for the giveaway.
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