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  1. umm, Sorry to bother but N solerizer cannot be sold or given.
  2. oh, ok, thx what’s your rate for exp?
  3. IGN: Kinskyle Favorite Poke: Mew Starter: Popplio Favorite Starter: Charmander Thanks for having the giveaway! -Kinskyle
  4. You can get rich. Sell your pokemon on auctions. Participate in events and seasons…. etc
  5. Thank you, I’m sorry this happened to you.
  6. Umm, I just recently did a deal with Mercader for 21 million pokedollars. I noticed he got 21 million in one day. Maybe I have your money. @Dark_Secrets
  7. Hi, I live in the USA and I cannot access pokemon vortex. It sends me an error message saying “Web Server is Down.” I want to be able to play and catch Arceus (psychic). Patrick, Can you explain?
  8. Yes. TrainingDarkrai, just copy and paste Hope that helps.
  9. Can I give you eevees for Pokedollars?
  10. Do you know who hacked you?

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